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  1. Chir'

    Single Thread RP The arena: For all your dueling needs

    This is a thread to simply set up fights between you and another person's characters. Rules: This is NOT a free for all fight thread. Users involved must agree to the fight. Fights must have a clear victory condition be it death, disarmament, serious injury etc. Just make the victory condition...
  2. Chir'

    TCF Suggestion Fix the alerts

    I seriously hate having to refresh every time I want to check new alerts. I just want alerts to work like they did before.
  3. Chir'

    IC Draconic adventures

    OOC link: https://forums.terraria.org/index.php?threads/draconic-adventures-ooc.78535/ A dragon and his rider were setting up camp for the night. The rider got the fire started while the dragon was guarding the area. "Do you want to eat this time?" "No." "You have to eat someday, you can't just...
  4. Chir'

    OOC Draconic adventures OOC

    So this is an RP about dragons. "Why dragons?" you may ask. Because dragons, that's why. Anyway, maybe I should get on to the rules now since I've already explained the main point of this roleplay. [/COLOR][/SPOILER] This RP will be in a medieval fantasy setting. (So no guns.) [/SPOILER] If...
  5. Chir'

    Ask the dragon

    So this is my AMA. Rules are simple: 1. No personal, religious, or political questions. 2. No questions about my species, or opinion on any species. 3. Do not ask for reason on any rule. That's pretty much it. My characters will also be taking questions.
  6. Chir'

    Humorous Funny gaming stories and screenshots

    The purpose of this thread is simply to share funny gaming stories and screenshots as the title would suggest, it doesn't matter if it's your own or someone else's, but please do specify which one it is. Also, please inform if it includes spoilers and if it does or is really long put it in a...
  7. Chir'

    Casual Funny Picture Thread

    Well, the title should make it clear, just post funny pictures. (If you think it might be offensive, at least use a spoiler, also applies to spoilers.) Standard forum rules apply. Don't know if there's another thread like this.
  8. Chir'

    Kill the person below you

    Just so you know, this is my first thread, now let's get this going. the rules are: 1 the normal forum rules 2 don't take the title seriously 3 try to be creative (optional) I'll start: NP didn't survive being processed.
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