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  1. lordkronos100

    Type Above Username With Your Eyes Closed

  2. lordkronos100

    tModLoader The Enigma Mod

    @Laugic I Have a Strange Error Any Idea for a Solution :D
  3. lordkronos100

    Adventure TSF 2: The Old God

    Nice Map with Nice Concepts iand Nice Gimmicks wich Feels Realy Adventure Like and you Realy Have Suprised me i mean Look you made walls who no Water comes in that has Realy Suprised me or the Nice Teleports and so one and so one :D
  4. lordkronos100

    Good Terraria Clones?

    Honestly I Found Not a Real Terraria Clone I Would Say Terraria is a Very Unique Game So The Best Terraria Clone Were Modded Terraria :D And Gameplay Technical Starbound Then There were another Game but i Forgot The Name Last Time i Saw it in Early acces :D
  5. lordkronos100

    After what I Heard The Mod is Stil Working on I Think But Its Take its Time becouse Only One...

    After what I Heard The Mod is Stil Working on I Think But Its Take its Time becouse Only One Person is Working on it I Think and its Seems it Is Secretivly Working I Head New Comes Mostly only on Discord I Hope This Infos Help to Understand it Better :D
  6. lordkronos100

    Thanks for Following Me :D

    Thanks for Following Me :D
  7. lordkronos100

    tModLoader Tremor Remastered [discontinued]

    For The Case The Mod Will Sometimes Updated Here are Two New Bugs I Found The New Mimiks Dont Work If you Put a Key in a Chest they dont Spawn And The Hook from Dessert and Ocean Mimik dont Work Corectly yu can Hook only by Direct Contact on a Wall but There is No Range Afterall :D
  8. lordkronos100

    tModLoader Tremor Remastered [discontinued]

    I Play Curently Tremor This Time With a Mod That can Disable The Invasion So I can Finaly Play Over The Bug and I Found Out That The Pirate Invasion has The Same Bug as The Goblins Maybe Even Worser And I Play on a Smal World so I have Finaly The Glacier Biom If i Dont Count This Bugs The Mod...
  9. lordkronos100

    tModLoader Tremor Remastered [discontinued]

    What is The Update ? :D
  10. lordkronos100

    tModLoader Decimation Mod

    I think so The Most Infos you can Become over Discord :D
  11. lordkronos100

    tModLoader Age Of Darkness - Mega Mod

    Thats Nice to Know thats Stil Help is There :D
  12. lordkronos100

    tModLoader Age Of Darkness - Mega Mod

    Sounds Nice im Looking Forward to The Mod :D
  13. lordkronos100

    Good Terraria Clones?

    I Looked Again the Name was Starraria Adventure Map :D
  14. lordkronos100

    Good Terraria Clones?

    Have you Ever Tryed the Map Terrariabound i Think was The Name There Come Some Aspects Together :D
  15. lordkronos100

    tModLoader Tremor Remastered [discontinued]

    The Sprites Problem was Fixed in Latest Verrsion so No more White Render :D
  16. lordkronos100

    tModLoader Tremor Remastered [discontinued]

    Yeah that was his Inteend and I think its a Good Think After all Tremor has not the Best Call and it becomes a Real :red:storm in Other Forums so I Can @thetrainwreck2010 only Wish Good Luck :D
  17. lordkronos100

    tModLoader Tremor Remastered [discontinued]

    I Have Tested His Version and i Can Say it A Clean Version with Improvements and I Know He is Working on More Fixes as The Glacier Biom Bug and the Bug With The Goblin Invasion After i Have Tel him this Problem so It Would Help if More Could Beta Test his Version He Only Trys to Help to Keep...
  18. lordkronos100

    PC Hero or Villain

    After many Mods i Have Seen its seems The Player Cause Indeet the Apocalyspe maybe its as in Links Awakening and the Monsters Only Defend there Home Who Knows maybe The Player and the Npcs are Invasoren but its only a Theory :D
  19. lordkronos100

    Rate the jam!

    10/10 Undertalöe Music is Stil Great :D
  20. lordkronos100

    Google Picture war!

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