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  1. ManaUser

    [Showcase] Mechanical Moon

    Need to know what phase the moon is deep in your underground lair? Jimmy won't give you a sextant? No problem with the Mechanical Moon! This is another derivative of my "cyclic memory" design, although in this case it's simply linked to a day sensor to track the cycle. This design also...
  2. ManaUser

    PC Open Sever, come play!

    Hi guys. I always have trouble finding people to play with (one of the drawbacks to using GOG I suspect) so I thought I'd just start a server this weekend and see who shows up. This game is basically complete. Though the server will still be up for a day or two. If anybody wants to goof around...
  3. ManaUser

    PC Dale's Tavern: Old One's Army Items

    Welcome to Dale's Tavern Want to try the new content but don't like the tower defense mechanic? Just can't find a Tavernkeep in your world? No problem, Dale has you covered. Drop by and have an ale while you peruse our selection. Items normally sold be the Tavernkeep cost 1 per . Enemy drops...
  4. ManaUser

    [Showcase] Two-Way Warp Chamber

    Here's a simple but handy invention, and surprisingly it has nothing to do with Teleporters. What you do is make a standard "bedroom", but then put an actuator on one of the surrounding blocks. When activated this make the room an invalid spawn point, so you will go to the world spawn point...
  5. ManaUser

    Big Cursor and UI Tweaks

    This is a very simple pack, all it does is give you a bigger cursor and make a few buttons more visible. But the bigger cursor in particularly is a big help I find. The small original one get's lost in the chaos of battle far too easily. I've been using this for quite a while by replacing the...
  6. ManaUser

    Preparing for the invasion

    Has anyone given thought to starting a new game, or other preparations for the DD2 crossover update? It's a little hard to decide since we don't know what "level" the new content is, though I kind of get the impression it's not necessarily meant to be endgame. One thing you will probably want is...
  7. ManaUser

    Happy Halloween time

    :pumpking: It's that time again, pumpkins are springing up everywhere, slimes are dressed as bunnies, bunnies are dressed as slimes, and goodie bags are in season.:pumpking: This will be my second Terraria Halloween, an I'm having fun with the special content once again. Anyone have special...
  8. ManaUser

    PC Beetle Armor set (shell)

    I'm only asking for the same amount of Chlorophyte bars I used to make it. You get the shells and husks for free! Why? I accidentally made two. I'd accept coins too, I just don't want it to be a total loss.
  9. ManaUser

    PC WTB Sun Stone

    So after having burned through all the power cells I had, I ended up with a multiple Eyes of the Golem, but no Sun Stones. Perhaps you're in the opposite situation? Or if you need any pre-golem items, I might have that too. Dyes, ankh shield parts, expert mode items, whatever. It never hurts to...
  10. ManaUser

    [Showcase] 2D Printer

    This is something I've been wanting to make for a long time, well before the mechanical update, but only with logic gates did it become feasible. Even an 8x8 version would have been huge using hoiktronics (of which I was never a big fan anyway) but thanks to the update I went ahead and made it...
  11. ManaUser

    Item sort categories?

    I'm curious if anyone has made an effort to figure out exactly what the categories used by the inventory (and now, chest) sort commands are. Some of them are obvious, others are a little mysterious to me. Also the colors obviously separate the groupings, but I haven't quite figured out if the...
  12. ManaUser

    A Painful Start: Mediumcore Expert Hardmode

    I'm not gonna turn this into a full "Let's Play" style story or anything, but I wanted to share my tale of woe. So for reasons that escape me at the moment, I though it might be fun to try playing mediumcore again. My very first character was mediumcore, not knowing any better, and after a...
  13. ManaUser

    I just got port-scanned by Shodan

    I'm not sure if I should feel irritated or honored.
  14. ManaUser

    How do YOU use your safe and piggy bank?

    I was just wondering what people like to use their safe and piggy bank/money trough for? Extra storage, obviously, but more specifically what kind of things do you keep in each, and why? To get started, here's how I use them. Initially the piggy bank is mainly for my money, but I use it for...
  15. ManaUser

    PC Selling Golden Bug Nets

    The silly angler gave me 3 of these things (so 2 are available). Other than that, I already have sextant, tackle box and high-test line. Any other fishing reward tools or accessories would be most welcome as a trade. Or if you've got another idea, feel free to make an offer.
  16. ManaUser

    [Showcase] Cyclic memory and scrolling text

    What is cyclic memory? Well for starters is a term I just made up. :p But it looks like this: Each switch in the main row controls a torch, representing 1 bit of memory. Press the switch on the left and all the torches cycle to the right, wrapping around as the they reach the end. Even though I...
  17. ManaUser

    Mossy House

    Simple concept, but I don't think I've seen any pics of this done before: What we have here is a a house with double walls, the inner layer is gray brick, the outer layer is natural stone finished off with a coating of moss from the Staff of Regrowth. They blend together reasonably well and...
  18. ManaUser

    Items that should have tooltips: Piggy bank and bucket

    Thinking way back to when I first started playing, a number of items could really do with some explanation. For instance when I first saw the piggy bank in the merchant's shop I had no idea what was for. Bearing in mind I was a newb, 1 whole gold seemed fairly expensive and I kind of assumed it...
  19. ManaUser

    GOG players unite! (Steam players allowed too...)

    So I've noticed most people meet up and join games through Steam, so us GOG users have a harder time finding folks to play with. So if you're in the same boat as me, let's get together and play! What I'd really like to do is set up a regularly scheduled game one or more times a week and play...
  20. ManaUser

    Is there an adventure map mod?

    I was wondering if anyone had ever made a mod specifically for playing adventure maps. What I'm thinking is something to automatically enforce some common adventure map rules. Ideally it could read something from the map itself to decide which rules to enforce, but even if it just did the...
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