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  1. EparoBro

    Cryosar, A new Hardmode-exclusive Snow biome boss

    So the Ice biome is a biome good in early pre-hardmode and normal hardmode. After that, well, It’s kinda useless. Now introducing... Cryosar Ice Dragon of Chilly Chills This boss is summoned with a Dragontail Tuna, which can be caught in hardmode at any time in the ocean, with a 1/35 chance to...
  2. EparoBro

    More Achievments

    This suggestion is simple. It is more achievments in Terraria to give the game a more completionist-feel. Terraria is a large game full of content, but much of it you get no kind of other reward or acknowledgement of getting. So that’s why... MORE ACHIEVMENTS! I’ll simply list in no particular...
  3. EparoBro

    Book and Pen! A way to write down in Terraria!

    So this may seem like a dumb feature at first, but I think a book you can write in would be really cool and very useful when I give you examples of how it could be used! So to craft, you’ll need a book, which can be obtained from the dungeon, and any type of NORMAL dye. No due combos or special...
  4. EparoBro

    Summoner Content in the Hardmode Dungeon

    The Hardmode dungeon is a place full of loot and powerful monsters... For the main 3 classes however, summoners get nothing... Which has seemed a bit off. Summoners get a lot less weapons than the other classes, and also don’t have much use for the dungeon so... More summon stuff for the...
  5. EparoBro

    More uses for Shroomite

    So Shroomite is a later-game Metal that crafts ranged armor. That’s about it. There’s a hoverboard and a digging claw. That’s it. (Yes, I know the DCU uses Shroomite too.) Let’s start! One could argue that Shroomite does not need ranged weapons and other stuff because of the other stuff...
  6. EparoBro

    My Expectations for Terraria Switch, How to Improvise for the Switch

    So Terraria Switch has recently been announced, and being the Nintendo fan I am, am showing what I want to see exclusive to this installment of Terraria. 1. Controls Terraria on consoles had a great control scheme in my opinion. Terraria Switch should have a good control scheme to feel smooth...
  7. EparoBro

    Mimic Mania! More Mimics

    Wahey! It's been quite a while since I last posted. Did you miss me again? No? Ok. So exactly what the title says, more mimics! I really like the mimic concept and their cool and powerful *cough Stormbow and Dart Pistol* loot they drop. But wouldn't more mimics be a nice addition to the game...
  8. EparoBro

    More Pre-Hardmode Bosses! Make Easy Mode more fun!

    So I know Pre-Hardmode is supposed to be short, but looking at mods like Thorium and Calamity, there are quite a lot of Easy Mode Bosses, which would make it A LOT More interesting to play. Currently we only have 7 Pre-Hardmode, only of 4 are really needed to beat. Let's get started! WARNING...
  9. EparoBro

    The Encyclopedia, for True Completionists

    Terraria is a huge game with a lot to collect, banners for almost every enemy, but collecting everything, all the banners, weapons and accessories don't give you something in reward. Not for long! Here is the magic book... THE ENCYCLOPEDIA! Ever wanted to brag to your friends you are truly the...
  10. EparoBro

    WIP Extra Features to Make Pre-Hardmode More Fun!

    I always thought Pre-Hardmode was a boring trial before I can get to the real meat of the game in hardmode. I get that Pre-Hardmode is supposed to not be a long portion of the game, but it is never fun because you aren't constantly getting new gear *cough *cough Enchanted Sword. So let's start...
  11. EparoBro

    RGSS- The Remote Global Storage System

    Hey! You haven't seen me in a while! Did you miss me? No? Ok... So I don't know ow if this is just my issue, but I never am organized when it comes to storing items in chests. It takes me a long time to find the item I'm looking for. I have a fix, and I'm not sure if it will be broken or not...
  12. EparoBro

    WIP More Food Items and the Chef's Quests

    We have food in the game, but a really small amount, and all they give is just well fed. Huh. LAAAAME! Not only am I going to suggest more food items but show you the chef NPC and his wondrous quests. Let's start You know the cooking pot right? Well take that, combine a furnace and any sink...
  13. EparoBro

    More Items in Water Chests!

    Water Chests could be a great source of early loot, except there are only about 5 5 items, 3 of which someone would use for a bit. So that's why I'm adding new weapons in them. First, more chests in the ocean. We normally get about 3 or 4. A simple change would be generate 5 or even 6 in both...
  14. EparoBro

    Making Items like the Umbrella and accessory

    I never really use the items mentioned because I don't either forget to use them or just don't have them right there to use. So.. A compromise. Make items like the Umbrella an accessory, so I don't have to switch back to it, when I can just auto use it. Full List: Umbrella (material)...
  15. EparoBro

    Sky Ship, A Floating Island Alt.

    All those floating Islands sure do get stale after a while. The only thing going for them is The house and the chest. Nothing else besides clouds. But maybe we could see something NEW floating in the sky. Is that a floating pirate ship I see? (Not the Flying Dutchman) What does a Sky Ship look...
  16. EparoBro

    The Undead Invasion

    After the atrocity that was the Skeleton Invasion, I have re-done the post for a better invasion than the previous one Undead Invasion Intro: The huge metal skull falls defeated, and the souls are yours! The jungle becomes a wild area with no rest. The dungeon, however a long forgotten place of...
  17. EparoBro

    I'm New Here

    Hey! What's up! I'm New to the forums. How would I create a custom Sprite? My posts look pretty Bland. Anyone know how to?
  18. EparoBro

    NPC's I Want to See

    Npcs are cool, but wouldn't more NPCs be even MORE COOL? Here are my ideas for new NPCs. 1. The Werewolf He is in all ways including physical, a Werewolf. But he is civilized! He moves in after a hardmode Blood Moon. What does the Werewolf do? His inventory: Suspicious Looking Eye- 5 Gold...
  19. EparoBro


    Why do we need more shields, we have the Ankh Shield, so any more would be USELESS. I think we should have more shields with more effects that are not from the Ankh Shield. Basic Shields, In pre-hardmode. Scavenger's Shield 2 Defense 8% Increased Throwing damage Found in surface wooden chests...
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