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    Thoughts on the new Brain Of Confusion

    Trying to fight the mechanical bosses in master mode I run in some problems regarding survivability. The warding build may just not be the way to go in master mode. Now I'm thinking about the new Brain of Confusion because I saw that Pedguin used it in his hardcore master mode run. Did somebody...
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    PC Empty slot in buff bar

    As you can see there's an empty slot in the buff bar. I'm pretty sure to know where it does come from. I was at my base where I had this new statue from the desert biom which gives you extra defense. The buffs on the right of it I got after I went to my base, so the temporal buff of the statue...
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    Working as Designed Changing Sound Output Device

    If you're switching the output device, with which Windows will bring out every sound, while Terraria is running, the game won't react to that and still uses the same device that was used before until you restart the game. For example when you're switching from external speakers to a headset...
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    PC Terraria savegame lost on one of two platforms (steam cloud)

    Hello guys, I played terraria on two different platforms. My desktop pc and my laptop. I had a current main singleplayer character I played only on my pc for a period but yesterday I played him on his world on my laptop and made some progress. After logging in on my pc I recognized that my...
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