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  1. BadScientist

    Working as Designed Item Favorite Status Transfers to Item of Same Type

    Description: When swapping an unfavorited item with an item of the same type that is favorited, the favorite status transfers to the previously unfavorited item. Steps to reproduce: 1. Have two instances of the same item in the inventory and/or hotbar (for example, the same weapon with...
  2. BadScientist

    Art The Halloween Tree

    A build based on the movie The Halloween Tree, which is in turn based on the book by Ray Bradbury. Jump in the middle of the top stair to enter the house.
  3. BadScientist

    Adventure TSF 2: The Old God

    IT'S FINALLY DONE! After almost a year and a half, I've finally finished the sequel to my first adventure map, "Terrarian Special Forces." Shout-out to my beta testers who provided helpful feedback in the last couple of weeks: Lukas Koprda, RNCheesus, and Moonburn! And thanks to the others who...
  4. BadScientist

    tModLoader Mod Idea: Statues Galore!

    I don't know the first thing about coding so this isn't something I can implement myself, but I thought it was a good enough idea to put it out there in case anyone more enterprising and tech savvy than me wanted to try their hand at creating it. I'm currently just starting work on the sequel to...
  5. BadScientist

    PvP Snowball Free-for-All: A Holiday Battle Royale

    Merry Christmas and happy holidays! This is my gift to the community. I hope you all enjoy. Feel free to leave me some feedback. Snowball Free-for-All You and your pals are some of Santa's little helpers. You've just finished making the all the toys for the good girls and boys and Santa wants...
  6. BadScientist

    Adventure Terrarian Special Forces

    UPDATE: I just released 1.1b. This only changed the endgame rewards. The reason for this is that I'm working on the sequel and I want people to be able to port their characters over, but the previous rewards would have made it easy to break/cheese the map unless I designed it around them (which...
  7. BadScientist

    Uh... hi there.

    Hi peeps. I'm not really sure what to write here, to be honest. I'm working on an adventure map for Terraria and I just wanted to have a presence on the forums before I released it. I've been a fan of Terraria since my brother got the PS4 version for me back in 2014. Since then I've also gotten...
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