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  1. Muteness

    Has Journey's End shifted Terraria too far into removing player freedom?

    Quite a long read but hopefully I can reply sufficiently to each subject. Luck Mechanics: It seems you aren't aware but a recent patch has made regular torches grant 0 luck rather than making it negative and I'm not sure if a mix of torches yields the same result but for positive you still need...
  2. Muteness

    Resolved Slayer of Worlds Achievement Broken (Resolved)

    Surprisingly The Brain kill was the key, I thought I had already cover that guess with the Eater kill and I decided to do Worm again just before, according to the wiki either one should have been sufficient but it seems to be unique to this bug of how it misregistered, thanks for bringing it up.
  3. Muteness

    Resolved Slayer of Worlds Achievement Broken (Resolved)

    (Resolved upon killing the Brain of Cthulhu after killing the Eater of Worlds) With the update came 3 new achievements to complete for me despite there should have only been 1 left to do and prioer I was 89/89 done with them. Along with the infamous Benched one I also had Temple Raider and...
  4. Muteness

    Idea for implementing creative mode: Builder Bags.

    I hope you won't mind if I step forward to be the first at attempting critique of this concept. At first I thought the notion of an in-game implementation of creative mode was promising, however as I read on I found things I'm at a disagreement with. To clarify I like the idea however I don't...
  5. Muteness

    Sprites Invasion Blockers - Curing the Plague of Blood Moons

    Wanting to to do specific events by manually triggering them will always be more efficient though. I'm aware we don't have one now but hypothetically if the Blood Moon was to receive one then wouldn't you just do that instead? Just like anyone else if I wanted a Coin I'd go and farm a bunch of...
  6. Muteness

    Mediumcore Re-Equipping, Death Markers & Other Conveniences

    Added a fourth and fifth suggestion, so totally going to necro-bump this~ Necroing, hmm... That seems like a great aspect for expanding upon the summoner class with, maybe someone will make a thread about that one... Cast a spell to revive all defeated mobs from the last X second as temporary...
  7. Muteness

    WIP [Sprites] A HALLOW BOSS: Queen/Mega-Pixie (& Huge Unicorn Head)

    I for one can't see an issue here given the amount of already randomly themed and out of place things present in the game. I don't believe consistent narrative has ever been major concern for Terraria. You should just do you and not give a second thought to it, also is it strange that I was...
  8. Muteness

    WIP Revamping Event; Blood Moon

    Thank you, and the images were examples taken from Reddit posts, I credited them at the very top linking to the original works.
  9. Muteness

    Terraria: Otherworld Terraria: Otherworld - An Update

    Would it be too much to ask how often the Otherworld suggestion thread on here is referred to by you guys? Estimates are fine, just wondering if you lot made it that far in the development yet to consider stuff like that.
  10. Muteness

    WIP Revamping Event; Blood Moon

    Sources of images and credit to the people who originally brought this to my attention on Reddit are EinsGotdemar with their post "(Mod Concept) Blood Giant Miniboss" and Jestexe who responded with "Blood Giant miniboss". Despite the original premise being for a mod the vanilla Blood Moon is...
  11. Muteness

    PC Match maximum stack size for explosives

    I believe it's not quite that straight forward, and it would appear that the devs thought that too as evident from the fact it's at the number it is currently. Explosives have a game impact in both mining time and damage dealt, this damage being a type that isn't reduced by defence so it's...
  12. Muteness

    PC Match maximum stack size for explosives

    So what I typed is a thing, also I don't believe we've ever had an explanation given for the Demon Heart. Does the Character eat it? How does consuming it give you extra accessory space? Why can we only ever use one? Why would we ever need an explanation behind items now as opposed to before? I...
  13. Muteness

    Mediumcore Re-Equipping, Death Markers & Other Conveniences

    I did a cursory search of this and can't think of whatever it'd be labelled as if someone has suggested this before in Otherworld, also, how the hell has this not be suggested before?! As stated above This has been heavily requested In Terraria I imagine it would be no different in...
  14. Muteness

    Sprites Invasion Blockers - Curing the Plague of Blood Moons

    It's hard to comment on this since I don't fully share in the sentiment of wanting the weather to change or finding invasions that annoying. I just went about my business when any of the above occurred and beside a few occasions of wanting it to rain so I could farm Frost Cores or having the odd...
  15. Muteness

    PC Weapon type changes made to Yo-Yo, Flail and Boomerang.

    Your idea is a common consensus, however it's also unfortunately one that currently splits the community since this would also take something away from players of the melee class. There are both niche users of these weapons and those who don't but share the need to defend the melee attribute of...
  16. Muteness

    Pixel Art The Astonishing -K4NZ1llA's- Pixel Art :'v

    OK, please bear with me on this one because I know this is a big ask but I'd like to make it explicitly clear that this can take as long as you want and that there's leeway with how the final product ends up looking since being creative is how I imagine you'd end up finish something like this...
  17. Muteness

    Suggestion: An update for NPC housing

    Agreed, though this subject is much like the recent re-spriting we received in the 1.3.1 update. Despite it be appreciated and all there wasn't exactly an active crowd asking for it, and I believe the same applies here. It's not as inherently exciting or pressing an issue as other ideas and...
  18. Muteness

    PC Match maximum stack size for explosives

    Perhaps there's some kind of consideration behind these decisions that we're not appreciating, whatever the reason(s) for the different sizes may be they surely wouldn't matter by the time a player reaches the end game. How about as an alternative to straight-up changing their base stack count...
  19. Muteness

    Sprites Invasion Blockers - Curing the Plague of Blood Moons

    I have to ask, why go through all the effort of specific invasion/event prohibiting when one post Moon Lord item could prevent them all? I'm failing to think of a scenario where I or other players wouldn't be happy to see X or Y but would be happy to see Z at that stage. Alongside a summoning...
  20. Muteness

    Sprites Warphole Chest, a multiplayer Piggy Bank

    It's not that I don't appreciate the sentiment but there's a good reason why only one player can accessory storage at any given time and that's duplication explodes or even worse; crashes/loss of items. A suggestion to feasible make this a tool is to have separate right-click/left-click...
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