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  2. musicman655

    tModLoader Trelamium 2 - Public Demo on Discord!

    could NOT be real
  3. musicman655


  4. musicman655

    tModLoader Dreamscape Mod

    the mod was cancelled and naka is probably funniest person alive
  5. musicman655

    tModLoader Dreamscape Mod

    the dreamscape mod
  6. musicman655

    tModLoader Rise of the Colossus

    May I ask who sprited this? The design looks extremely similar to this
  7. musicman655

    ParadoX mod

    Who sprited the mechanical queen bee drops? They remind me a bit of these
  8. musicman655

    tModLoader Endless Escapade

    fury is a tester who got permission to showcase parts of the mod, the developers don't want to publicly release it until it has a more solid amount of content
  9. musicman655

    tModLoader Endless Escapade

    Good sentence
  10. musicman655

    tModLoader Mod of Redemption

    The next update is making use of sublib
  11. musicman655

    tModLoader Mod of Redemption

    did you enter without the mod installed? that's what happens when you do
  12. musicman655

    Beyond the Stars: A Terraria Expansion Project

    'Tis great seeing these old suggestions being applied, will definitely be looking forward :)
  13. musicman655

    tModLoader Mod of Redemption

    Alignment is a mechanic that currently isn't implemented (aside from some code for it.) It will become more relevant in future updates
  14. musicman655

    tModLoader Definity Mod

  15. musicman655

    Terraria Soundfont?

    Not in soundfont form, all the synths Scott and Saturn used were from scratch.
  16. musicman655

    tModLoader Endless Escapade

    To be fair, in this case "subworld" is a better descriptor than "dimension" considering the ocean isn't really an alternate dimension
  17. musicman655

    tModLoader Endless Escapade

    endless escapade pogu
  18. musicman655

    tModLoader Interitos Mod - Content

    download Endless Escapade
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