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    Items Shimmered Boss Consumables

    I've been playing alot of Calamity Mod lately, and they have infinite use boss items. I think those could be implemented into the game by throwing a boss consumable into the shimmer AFTER you've defeated its correspondent boss. Ex: Suspicious Looking Eye -> Definitely Evil Eye
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    Biomes & Nature corrupt, crimson, and hallowed poo blocks

    so hear me out, what if there was different types of poo blocks that spawned different little bugs? Corrupt would spawn little worms that burrow inside nearby blocks in a little radius, crimson would spawn spiders, and the hallow poo blocks would spawn little pixies/gastropods. i think it'd be funny
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    (i am) terraria fanboy #317

    (i am) terraria fanboy #317
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    Game Mechanics Let's hear your best suggestions for seed combinations!

    i have some fun ideas, like The Constant + For The Worthy/getfixedboi should make it so that being in complete darkness in a room with an angel statue will instantly kill you and play a *snap* not the bees! + dontdigup could make not the bats! where bats spawn everywhere dontdigup + getfixedboi...
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