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    tModLoader Metroid Mod

    about the only thing i can suggest is a bottomless missile expansion for when i want to spam missiles.
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    Pre-Thanksgiving Treats for Console & Mobile Terrarians!

    pc master race! joking.... well probably get the thanksgiving stuff in a future update.
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    tAPI Ingame Cheat Menu

    duration. freezing it in place so i can basically do what i want. also ammunition freezing (as in ammo never runs out) would be great too. and also for flight, i meant one that isnt no clip... like if i have wings equipped i could fly forever. :p
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    tAPI Ingame Cheat Menu

    great mod... but um i have some suggestions.... 1. can we be given infinite buffs options? 2. we need more player options (like infinite flight, jumps, magic, etc) 3 the ability to make our worlds entirely hallow. just a few suggestions :3
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