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    Xbox One Food or not to food is this even a question?

    Am I to understand that you cannot have your own food garden in this game? I feel like I'm missing the part where you can and I just haven't found it or understood that you could yet. I think I'm missing it however probably not. No way to grow your own food except pumpkins and mushrooms?
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    Console I think Im just too good for my own good... (A call for your assistance)

    I've had a rough day I don't feel like explaining it right now. And when I say rough, there is no way to really explain it to you that you would comprehend. 20 years of BS that's killing me that's all that I can tell you.
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    Game Mechanics Eating Gel

    No it is overpowered if it gives minimum. And the same way eating jello or jelly or any such thing can give you the ability to feel full and even satisfied yet in the long run it doesn't last long. Today's been a rough day and I sure as hell don't feel like arguing over some antics. I told...
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    NPCs & Enemies Acid Slime

    Just because you get your panties in a wad doesn't make what I said less true. I don't care if the acid slime would make you infuriated that's your personal problem. It was told that Relogic doesn't want to work on this game anymore and we shouldn't continue to force them to do so because the...
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    Xbox One Xbox One, Terraria, Finding Multiplayers, Trading

    Well that's good for you. I was looking for certain items. Now I just want people to play with otherwise there's no point
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    NPCs & Enemies Acid Slime

    Like I said most don't even know it yet. There have been many game companies that have shut off service to their games online capability anyway even when they've had thousands of customers. The people who made this game already stated that they don't want to make any more updates and they want...
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    ask me stuff

    I was replying to Mr woodchuck could chuck a wood but he didn't check a wood so I checked this wood and it turned out to be a beaver. LOL
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    Moderating: Yes and No.

    Why do I jump so quickly to topics outside of the thread topic? Because in my heart and mind I see connections to everything. I can recognize patterns more than most it seems and that says a lot for being human because humans have the highest pattern recognition, at least so it is taught. What...
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    The oldest Seed

    Well that answers quite a bit of things for you thank you guys for trying anyway. Anywho it would have been neat to see the world from your perspective. I guess I'm done here then
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    Why are the forums here addictive?

    I'm referencing my natural genetics tendencies habits behaviors etc. It was the closest thing I could ever find to explain why I'm so different than everyone else. It's the closest thing that is comparable that I am currently aware of.
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    Why are the forums here addictive?

    I was saying that I am like part elf, you know like an expression to try to explain something? Anyway whatever. you know like a woodland creature that's good with wood stuff. Nature stuff that's me. Now genetically I have no freaking idea that would explain the weird genetics.
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    ask me stuff

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    Game Mechanics Eating Gel

    I would say eating the gel would be like food but like the bare minimum
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    Ask the Impostor anything

    I think you used the wrong word. Unless you intend to metaphorically steal my lungs. Anyway part of your signature is a bit creepy so I'm going to, hide you as well, block or whatever because I don't need that in my head especially late at night. It's just not a healthy mentality and I don't...
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    Console I think Im just too good for my own good... (A call for your assistance)

    In the end. The math is the same. The conclusion is the same. The equation is the only thing that's different.
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    Ask me anything - a theory based AMA

    Opinions at best are always flawed. That is simple fact. Therefore they are misleading, misrepresentative, etc etc. A person can have an opinion about something and it sounds very factual, yet it's influence can literally kill someone and destroy a nation. Wars have started because of...
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    Weapons & Equip Please add Thomas J. Knookins

    I thought I just heard a tiny fiddle. Is that a pet? LOL
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    NPCs & Enemies Ice golem and sand shark pets

    Then how come, minions, centuries who are shaped like animals, who are technically your pets, along with mounts have offensive and defensive capabilities. It's the same stinking thing. Logic dictates. You can't fight against logic. Ice should melt. Logic dictates and it is good for it to do so.
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    NPCs & Enemies Acid Slime

    Unfortunately. Let's be realistic. This game is dead and most of us don't even know it yet. The people who made it want to move on to better things and there are only throwing out handouts to us because they appreciate us appreciating their game however everything must come to an end. My end...
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    NPCs & Enemies Chimpanzee: Hardmode Jungle merchants.

    Ooh I really like your idea, that or fish. I am a nature buff person and I always have been. I've known about nature very intimately even before I was taught. That's one of the reasons why I think I, or at least I used to think that I'm not human, not entirely and that I have some kind of elf...
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