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    Dumb question. Can steam workshop content (I.E. Resource packs, Custom Worlds) get copyrighted?

    In theory, yes. In practice for your example though, Nintendo isn't going after anyone making derivative works unless they're making money off of it or giving the company a bad image - and even that's not a guarantee, because doing that has gotten them bad PR in the past so they've dialed it...
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    NPCs & Enemies Change the Angler NPC's quest reward system

    YES PLEASE I've been cheesing it to get the fish finder ingredients, but I gave up after the lag got so bad I couldn't even throw items at the other players.
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    Toughest mechanical boss you have ever fought!

    When I (melee) was playing with my (summoner) brother and (mage) sister, we definitely had the most trouble with Skelly Prime. Destroyer was the easiest, because I had been fighting crimson mimics in my world. First one dropped flesh knuckles, the second fetid bagnahks. Those claws just rip...
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    PC Big 'ol chest clearout sale

    I need to clear out some room from my chests, so I'm selling what I don't need. I can also hunt for certain items if needed. Will add pets, light pets, mounts, boss summons, and other stuff later[/SPOILER]
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    What Is Your Best Wat just happend moment?!

    So I had a solar eclipse today. Mothron dropped its wings. That's not unusual. What is unusual is that I had a second solar eclipse, and two more mothron wings dropped. I don't even wear wings any more!
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    What Is Your Best Wat just happend moment?!

    Some highlights from me and my siblings: When we were trying to advance to hardmode on the Xbox 360, WoF kept spawning facing the wrong way. Our hellbridge started at the edge of the world, so he'd travel about half a screen over and lick us all My little brother wanted harpy wings for vanity...
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    Favorite Minions/Mounts/(Light) Pets + Dyes?

    Most of the animated dyes glitch when placed on pets. Glitches range from the reflective dyes only changing the color and not reflecting to crazy particle glitches like that. EDIT: quoted wrong person oops
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    Biomes & Nature World Generation Options

    Hmm... maybe have the ability to chose be unlocked by in-game "checkpoints", so to speak? Like the ability to choose corruption or crimson becomes available after you kill EoW or BoC, for example.
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    does the lizard egg even exist?

    ok accepted, invite me when you're ready.
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    does the lizard egg even exist?

    Ariento, same as here.
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    Items Disassembler

    Support! Early on in hardmode I accidentally made two adamantite helmets with bars I got from crates. That sucked.
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    does the lizard egg even exist?

    One lucky coin is fine. Your world or mine?
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    does the lizard egg even exist?

    So one or two for the bone rattle sound fair?
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    does the lizard egg even exist?

    I am in need of Lucky Coins and Fish Finder ingredients for the most part, but coins are good too.
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    {POLL} Cheating in Vanities, Yes or No?

    Inventory editors - Cheating, no ifs ands or buts. IMHO, it really ruins the fun. Other characters - Fine by me, so long as the item has no non-vanity use. My second character has Cenx's dress clothes, a giant bow, and 3 purple and black dyes, all from my first. Of course, these are just my own...
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    What is your favourite class?

    Warrior. My aim is just kind of terrible, and I get so frustrated with ammo and mana. I haven't done a summoner character yet, though, and that seems pretty fun.
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    does the lizard egg even exist?

    I got the egg pretty quickly. Of course, I have no intention of swapping out my baby hornet <3 The zephyr fish and bone rattle? I have those. Got them when I was farming fish finder ingredients and a crimson key, respectively. I could bear to part with them `;) In general, I end up getting...
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    PC Sodapone's 1.3 Shop

    Sounds good! My steam:
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    PC Sodapone's 1.3 Shop

    From right now, until like 3 hours from now.
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    PC Sodapone's 1.3 Shop

    Can I buy Cenx's Dress and Cenx's Dress Pants? 4 plat is fine for me.
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