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  1. PartyRockVamp

    PC Terraria caps at 42 FPS with frame skip on

    Hi everyone, i have this lag on my PC because its new. I started terraria then turn frame skip on and it has stuck on 42FPS which is laggy and I DONT LIKE FRAME SKIP OFF BECAUSE MOUSE IS LAGGING THERE. So anyways PC specs will be written and i have no settings configured in nVidia control...
  2. PartyRockVamp

    tAPI Mod that YOU can add stuff to :-)

    Hi everyone, iam introducing this mod which you tell me an idea or a thing, mob, boss or anything that can be added (except world gen or inventory changes). So there is a bar that will be used for crafting everything from this mod. Now you can start telling me things: example Sword: name-Sword...
  3. PartyRockVamp

    Lunar Boss is unkillable

    Hi, ive been doind theese worms with my friend then lunar boss spawned and 3 attempts 0 kills but always he killed us. And we cannot heal from spectre armor and yes i have the right armor. Can someone help us or Re-Logic nerf him or make his body parts appear more longer. Those who want to help...
  4. PartyRockVamp

    Terraria 1.3 Low FPS

    Hi, ive just updated terraria 1.3 and still has problems like with frame skip on. Iam getting max of 45 FPS with frame skip and no frames skip has laggy mouse PC Specs: Intel Core i5 4690K 8GB RAM nVidia GTX 960 2G
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