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  1. J

    Spawn area for monsters changed with 1.4?

    I did read somewhere here that the vertical spawn range for enemies changed from 47 blocks to 65. Can anyone confirm this? It goes hand-in-hand with my testing, just want a definitive answer.
  2. J

    Resolved Statues drop items when killed by lava.

    Edit: I completely missed the part that certain statues do drop items if killed by traps and certain ones don't. Delete topic if possible.
  3. J

    Farm broke Chaos Elementals

    So I improved my lazy farm, which was a box in a cave by editing it. Well, I simply copied my Invasions farm, which I build a while ago. Yeah, I am too lazy to build it. But for some reason as soon as I've upgraded it, Chaos Elementals stopped to spawn. I know they stop spawn if you AFK, but...
  4. J

    Varying damage numbers?

    I never really asked this myself, but after years I just noticed. why does the game have varying damage numbers, and how are they calculated? So my weapon has one single damahe number. Let's say it is 100. My accessories give me a flat bonus. 15% or 10% or whatnot. It is always the same bonus...
  5. J

    Wiring one teleporter to have two different counterparts?

    Is it possible to wire one entrance teleporter to 2 exits? And making it change the exits everytime I enter it? Basically if you look at the screenshot I want to enter the portal on the left and being teleported on line 1. Then I fly back along line 2 back to the teleporter, and this time I get...
  6. J

    Working as Designed Aggro system bug/Rework needed.

    So lately I've been playing around with the aggro system in Terraria. I built a setup to minimize the aggro I have with items like the Shroomite armor and craftables out of the Putrid Scent. And it works. Kinda. While it is noticeable, that enemies who are melee ignore me, ranged enemies do not...
  7. J

    Duke Fishron or Plantera help

    Well, I don't know how to feel about asking for help. I am playing... For the worthy. And it seems to be simply too hard for me. I steamrolled master mode so I seeked out a new challenge. I had an arena for Fishron, where I tanked him by teleporting in a straight line. Hearts kept me alive well...
  8. J

    Wyvern spawn too low on large world.

    According to all sources Wyverns are supposed to spawn at the height of 1000 above surface level. By my understanding 0 is the surface level. In my created large world I get spawns at the heights of 500-700 measured with the Depth Meter. They aren't supposed to be spawned that low, yet...
  9. J

    **REPORTED** Jackhammer speed bugged?

    I duno if this was mentioned before. Some times ago after 1.4 release someone complained in the steam forum that their Jackhammer is much slower than their Pwnhammer. I quoted a long formula on how this isn't true because mining speed and blocks destroyed per second and whatnot. The player...
  10. J

    Working as Designed Queen Slime treasure bag developer sets

    I did notice this a while ago but just tested today. Queen Slime treasure bag does not drop any developer sets despite being a hardmode boss. Opened 1000 treasure bags as a test and did not get any developer set. Opened 1000 Mech boss treasure bags to make sure it works, got 67 developer sets.
  11. J

    Working as Designed Invisibility potion not working properly.

    According to the wiki page: Using an Invisibility Potion conceals the player entirely, including their armor and vanity items, as well as the player's mount. While hidden, the player's Aggro statistic is reduced, meaning enemies will be less likely to target the player and they will not fire...
  12. J

    Question about farming in biomes and the Travelling merchant inventory

    So I make it short: 1. If I want to drop something biome-specific. something that has an universal chance to drop from any enemy within the biome, can I use slimes from the King Slime? I know souls don't drop anymore by him. But what about biome-specific gear? Like the Underworld yoyo or Ice...
  13. J

    How does luck actually increase the drop chances?

    So I was curious. You have a formula on the wiki and whatnot, but I still cannot figure out the exact numbers. So if I understand, the base luck of a player is 0. 0 represents the standard drop rates. For example I take something that drops with 25%, aka any master mode pet or mount. Now if I...
  14. J

    So how master mode affects pre-post-moonlord gear.

    Well, after playing master mode for a while now and being at the CUltist part of the game I noticed something that doesn't really fit me. Back in the days you had 1 or 2 armor sets everyone used because they were the best. They were nerfed and we got better stuff. I will ignore post-ML items...
  15. J

    Can someone finally tell me how the Hero Shield works?

    So, I searched everywhere, reddit, internet, forum... Hero Shield lowers damage players on my team receive if they're over 50%. But. Does it affect myself? If I play multiplayer alone and assing myself to a team, does it protect me?
  16. J

    Plantera strategy without destroying jungle?

    So basically I am not too keen on building arenas around my bulbs. I don't want my jungle to have huge holes in it. I tried strategies I used in normal, aka a long walkway with teleporters, but it doesn't work anymore since the pink thorns go through blocks and kill you instantly. What is a...
  17. J

    1.4 wings?

    So I tried to look it up but could not find anything on the wikis, as they didn't update all the stuff yet. Storytime: I wanna beat Fishron pre-Planters and need the best wings for that. Story end. Leaf wings were nerfed to tier 1. Well, tiers. How do I find out which wings are which tiers...
  18. J

    Resolved [Mobile] Fast, reliable Frost Queen Killer?

    Noticed the pun? Heh... So... I don't really know how to get that done. Pumpkin Moon is a joke with Fishron weapons, so are Santank and the screaming tree. But the Queen is a pain in the butt. I use magic cause it is insanely powerful and you heal yourself. I tried the Bubble gun, Typhoon...
  19. J

    Resolved [Mobile] Pumpkin Moon harder on mobile?

    Hi, so I watched this video: It's a great guide and you see him doing all 15 waves on PC. I built the farm step by step, 1:1. But when testing it I barely got past wave 7 before the night was over. I am wondering why. Is it because his gear is better? I used Tiki armor, the beetle and the...
  20. J

    Resolved [Mobile] Crimson key mold Arapaimas farm alternative?

    Hi, So I did try the ocean farm to farm the mold. 80 Lihzahrd blocks and 200 red ice contraption. Nothing happened, jellyfish, sharks and so on spawned. Looked around and found a solution to build in water. Did that. Got blood jellies and a few Arapaimas to spawn. But mostly jellyfigh and...
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