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    Switch Direction Button functionality reset

    In the options, under Quick Navigation, I have the directional button set to cursor snap. However, whenever I completely close out of the game, it always seems to reset to hotbar. All other setting appear to remain unaltered from how I had them. I'm playing on the switch version, with no...
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    Xbox One Submitted Friday - PS4 Fixes Out 1.23.18!!!

    Continuing to try and play, can only play for a few minutes before it randomly crashes. Resetting PS4 did not help. Completely unplayable.
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    Xbox One Submitted Friday - PS4 Fixes Out 1.23.18!!!

    After patch, my game is crashing after a few minutes, doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to it. I have restarted my PS4 after the patch.
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    PS4 WTB late game tools/weapons/wings

    Played this on a few other systems, don't feel like grinding my way from nothing on ps4 and would like buy a starting boost to speed progression up this time. Looking to purchase a tool(any late game pickaxe, picksaw and up), one late game weapon(sdmg+endless musket pouch or phantasm+endless...
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    A Progress Update on the Road to 1.3! Pre-Alpha Gameplay Inside!

    Hey, quick question. Has it been announced if they are considering some kind of 1.3 update for the N/3DS? Or, has the idea been officially shot down? Sorry if this has been answered somewhere else, haven't really checked on things in a while.
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    I'm made a large number of worlds checking the ocean chests for Flippers, and have found none, despite them being relatively common on other versions of the game. I am unable to craft Gold and Platinum Watches, even while at the correct crafting stations and having the correct materials. I am...
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