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  1. The Great Sandworm

    calamity boss progretion(i think)

    The reason you had to cheat to summon the Sand Shark is because you're not supposed to summon conventionally at all anymore. With Infernum on it doesn't spawn when killing normal Sand Sharks and what was previously it's summon takes Lunar Fragments now and instead of summoning it it's now used...
  2. The Great Sandworm

    calamity boss progretion(i think)

    Plaguebringer Goliath is a post-Golem boss not Post-Plantera, also do you have the Infernum mod on? because that retiers Great Sand Shark to post-Cultist as it's part of the Argus, the Bereft Vassal fight now.
  3. The Great Sandworm

    tModLoader Spooky Mod

    There's an early-mid prehardmode boss added by the mod called the Spooky Spirit which you fight in the haunted forest around the entrance of the Catacombs which drops a key used to open the door and disables the Dungeon guardian-esque enemy that spawns if you try to cheat your way in. The...
  4. The Great Sandworm

    calamity grarble armor

    That armor set doesn't exist in the mod. (not removed, it wasn't a thing at any point at all) That's something from the Fandom wiki which 90% of the content in it is fake (yes, including bosses, items, weapons, recipes for REAL items in the mod have also been changed) and a lot more, just to try...
  5. The Great Sandworm

    tModLoader [Released WIP] The Split Mod!

    I think that's more of a personal opinion rather than an actual issue with the mod. (Though I am kind of curious if you dislike Mod of Redemption as well for the same reason?)
  6. The Great Sandworm

    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    "The Calamitas Clone" (the post mech-pre plantera boss) and "Supreme Witch, Calamitas" (an endgame fight against the actual character) are both real bosses. Though the sprite for the clone on the wiki isn't the real one. If you're post Moonlord you're way past the point of progression for...
  7. The Great Sandworm

    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    A lot of the stuff on the fandom calamity wiki is fake, Clamitas just doesn't exist to begin with. If you have the boss checklist mod and you see a boss on that wiki that doesn't appear in the checklist then it's fake.
  8. The Great Sandworm

    tModLoader The Spirit Mod!

    You have to go back to 1.3 since it isn't ported to 1.4 yet.
  9. The Great Sandworm

    tModLoader Pinky's content pack

    Eventually hopefully, it's being worked on by a very small amount of people (1 person coding and 1-2 people spriting). And with it not just being a direct port a lot of stuff is being reworked and resprited it's going to take a very long time.
  10. The Great Sandworm

    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    Using an Easter egg to get an endgame weapon at the start of the game is more or less cheating. Like can you really say you fought and beat an early boss if you just one shot it with an item balanced for endgame bosses? Infernum doesn't give Eye of Cthulhu 900k health because it expects you to...
  11. The Great Sandworm

    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    He'll be added at some point post Calamitas/Draedon. When will be be added you may ask? Nobody knows, probably not for quite a while though.
  12. The Great Sandworm

    tModLoader Mod of Redemption

    The 1.4 version of the mod has everything from the 1.3 version except the Warden but also has a new boss and other new mechanics and structures. So unless you *really* want to fight that one boss definitely play the 1.4 version.
  13. The Great Sandworm

    tModLoader Fargo's Mods

    You need the Fargo's Souls DLC mod, it adds all the souls themed around other mods.
  14. The Great Sandworm

    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    Well if you think a small damage buff is more fun than upcoming bosses and biomes alright I guess... I wasn't just saying I thought it was pointless (though I do agree with that), but that was the reason it was removed to begin with. Also when did I tell you how to play exactly? Not updating the...
  15. The Great Sandworm

    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    It was removed because it was just so pointless, it was like an extra 8% damage and 5% crit and just felt tacked on with no rhyme or reason for it existing. Just update the mod since you're going to miss out a very large amount of good things in the future out of stubbornness.
  16. The Great Sandworm

    tModLoader Time freezes when beating moon lord

    After you beat Moon Lord with the Stars Above mod on it'll remain morning permanently until you defeat the Warrior of Light
  17. The Great Sandworm

    Calamity Mod Helpp

    Oh, I see the issue, the Calamiy fandom wiki has both outdated information and fake information written by other people. The version has accurate information on the mod, the Wulfrum Bow just doesn't exist.
  18. The Great Sandworm

    Calamity Mod Helpp

    That's not a thing that can just happen though, a crafting station itself can't be broken and not make certain items. What are you trying to make anyway?
  19. The Great Sandworm

    Calamity Mod Helpp

    There's only one Wulfrum Metal Scrap that's both used as a material and as ammo, which you get from the Wulfrum enemies.
  20. The Great Sandworm

    Help! Fargo's Souls Mod not reading other mods is has compatibility with

    Are you referring to the Fargo's Souls mod or the Fargo's Souls DLC mod?
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