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  2. KingKidLogan

    Drawings & Paintings My Terraria Stuff + Log (Sep 22 - Jul 23)

    personally I also read the manga and my favorite songs are literally nonsense and how to eat life
  3. KingKidLogan

    Drawings & Paintings My Terraria Stuff + Log (Sep 22 - Jul 23)

    do you lisien to eves music or do you read eves manga or both?
  4. KingKidLogan

    Eve crossover in the next update

    on the terraria twitter there is developers under paintings one of witch is the dragon girl from eve's fight song so mabie there may be a crossover with a few pets and mabie a weapon if there is i will be happy :D
  5. KingKidLogan

    NPCs & Enemies The dryad should sell more items

    Than let the Gide sell wood and touches 😆
  6. KingKidLogan

    NPCs & Enemies The Dye trader should sell more items to more strange plants you give him

    So ya know how the zoologist sell more things the more mobs you’ve killed well this it the same thing but with strange plants I would make the dye trader more important instead of being an npc to get a desert. pilon would give strange plants more value instead of being inventory clog.
  7. KingKidLogan

    NPCs & Enemies The dryad should sell more items

    The dryad should be like the zoologist where the less corruption/crimson there is the more items she sells. I think to would be really cool and it would give players a better reason for people to get rid of the corruption/crimson.
  8. KingKidLogan

    I'm a cat, ask me anything!

    What’s 9999999 + 9999999999999 x 99999999999 / 17
  9. KingKidLogan

    Boulder on a stick

    It’s a war hammer but it’s a boulder It does 15 damage Sells for 2 gold Recipe 20 wood 30 stone and 1 boulder Has the tag (why does this exists)
  10. KingKidLogan

    What does the Lunatic Cultist say?

    Oh I love yoga
  11. KingKidLogan

    Explain a terraria enemy/boss badly

    Fat eye with spikes in mouth must hurt
  12. KingKidLogan

    Corruption or Crimson? Which do you prefer?

    Depends I’m I’m on expert I’m going with corruption if I’m on classic or journey I’m going with crimson
  13. KingKidLogan

    Game Mechanics Red should make it so when you break chests you get the chest AND the items inside

    so let’s say you break a chest the chest drops and the items or when you break a block under a chest the chest also breaks this would help a lot in caves where you need the chest and the items
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