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    Game Mechanics Mediumcore characters and Inventory Remanagement

    I've been playing Terraria lately, mainly on a small world on master mode with a mediumcore character. Despite the strange setup, it gave me ample time to find my number 1 irritant when playing this mode; that whenever I die and inevitably return I have to go through the slow and grindy...
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    Create A Terraria Death Message

    Elemental was bitten (Death while having Moon Bite debuff)
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    Create A Terraria Death Message

    <playername> became the rainbow (Death from EoL)
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    Create A Terraria Death Message

    <playername> is honeyfin food (Drowning in Honey)
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    Create A Terraria Death Message

    <playername> is outdated. (Death by Red's Potion)
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    Create A Terraria Death Message

    <playername> was thought out of existence. (Death by drowning in honey) edit: oops, this was responding to Simple <playername> doesn't need any more red paint. (Death by drowning in honey)
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    Create A Terraria Death Message

    <playername> was watched. (Death by King Slime)
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    Tool ArmorHelper - Sprite armor sets >30x times faster!

    I'm getting this error here, and I'm not quite sure what's going on.
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    Game Mechanics Secret World Seed

    I'm sure this could be solved with a texture pack that makes every texture negative.
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    Texture Pack Skeleton Moon Lord texture

    Now we just need the Moon Lord's gore to be the body.
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    How do I create Town NPC textures?

    What I currently have: The texture pack file correctly set up The original textures for town NPCs, or the way to obtain them What I need: Knowledge of how to apply them to the texture pack What I can provide: The images that I have for the current town NPC textures, both before and after.
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