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  1. ILovePickles


  2. ILovePickles

    tModLoader Better take a Power Tool - Electronic counterparts for a lot of tools

    can i take ur code for jackhammers? oh frick u r dead
  3. ILovePickles

    tModLoader Mo'Melee Mod

    Something like this? I've tried ->
  4. ILovePickles

    tModLoader Mo'Melee Mod

    Yeah, thank you
  5. ILovePickles

    tModLoader How do I add a mod icon without adding steam integration?

    Create your own account. You don't need license game
  6. ILovePickles

    tModLoader Mo'Melee Mod

    This mod adds a lot of new swords and stuff. Including: Dirt Sword Stone Sword Ebonsword Glass Sword Clay Sword Sand Sword A stick Some new wood Swords ...and more Future stuff: More swords More swords More swords Other melee weapons Maybe new armor Maybe new weapon type If you will find...
  7. ILovePickles

    tModLoader More Slimes

    Ну ок, не угадал
  8. ILovePickles

    tModLoader More Slimes

    There're russian smiles in ur mod description. R u russian?
  9. ILovePickles

    tModLoader More Melee Weapons Mod

    Lmfao I started to make similiar mod a week ago
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