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  1. Golden-frame🌈🪨

    Video Analog Horror : Wulfrm Virus

    It’s my first time creating such a strange video . (Although I call it “analog horror ”,but I think it’s not horrible at all lol)
  2. Golden-frame🌈🪨

    Hot Topic Your Terraria Progress, Announcements, and Moments! Share Them Here!

    7 months,75 hours …:boulder::boulder::boulder:
  3. Golden-frame🌈🪨

    Hot Topic Terrarians, show us your "I must screenshot this" moment

    I have been fishing for 4 months because of ftw wall of flesh.
  4. Golden-frame🌈🪨

    **REPORTED** "Moss Hornet has arrived!"

    Black slime has arrived…
  5. Golden-frame🌈🪨

    Terraria Bad Ideas

    that must be very hard.But it’s not impossible.
  6. Golden-frame🌈🪨

    Other Art Shroomite Digging Claw

    I love shroomite digging claw
  7. Golden-frame🌈🪨

    Mobile Terrarian’s farming life

    I have defeated the queen bee and skeletron in legendary mode.But I haven’t defeated eater of the worlds yet.So I grow a few herbs.
  8. Golden-frame🌈🪨

    When do you usually defeat the duke fishron

    Many people defeat him just after wall of flesh
  9. Golden-frame🌈🪨

    Hot Topic Corruption Vs. Crimson

    I prefer 05162020:redspin::redspin::redspin:
  10. Golden-frame🌈🪨

    Terraria State of the Game - April 2023

    duck fishron:he’s right
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