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  1. DomLutch

    Tool TEdit - Terraria Map Editor

    The links don't work... I just tried both and maybe it's something on GitHub, but I can't download it...
  2. DomLutch

    tModLoader Esper Class

    Just been playing around a little bit with this mod... Is it okay if I tinker around in the code so I can help support this mod through adding in new weapons, armour, etc? If not then how about sprite work? I'm not good with spriting but I'd like to improve so... please? Oh and finally I was...
  3. DomLutch

    tModLoader Assorted Crazy Things; A Mod Full of Crazy Things

    *Installs mod* Gets swarmed by every type of slime girl that exists in the mod currently(I think), loves life. Blue, pink, raibow, black and purple right? I love you for this! Thank you for making the world more fun to explore! I now need to get those other pets... EDIT: Can someone make a "I...
  4. DomLutch

    Map-Adventure R'lyeh Nexus

    No worries Gandhi, also thanks for the support!
  5. DomLutch

    Sprites Izzabelle's Alternates

    I know that I was someone who asked but at least I didn't do THAT! When someone makes something and you want to use it you have to ask for permission from the creator. Otherwise you end up with copyright strikes!
  6. DomLutch

    Map-Adventure R'lyeh Nexus

    Gandhi, I was curious if you would mind me removing falling damage from the maps... I want to do that so that I don't mess up falling damage and also because, well, it's a metroidvania! I haven't come across any metroidvanias with falling damage, so for my sake and also just for the sake of it...
  7. DomLutch

    Map-Adventure R'lyeh Nexus

    Feisty! I finally came up with the concept for the game adaptation for these maps: Red Hat Nexus! A combination of Red Hat Castle and R'lyeh nexus! The castle is bigger housing rifts to the different areas of the nexus which is home to their respective bosses! Each boss offers the new abilities...
  8. DomLutch

    tModLoader Chad's Furniture-and-More-Mod

    To access the config file you go to "my documents, terraria, modloader" and there should be a file called mod config. Chad furniture config will be in there... but for me it only has vanilla walls... so I still don't know how to disable carpets but, maybe I helped you?
  9. DomLutch

    Sprites Izzabelle's Alternates

    I'm more excited for the tide. The ocean has always been my favorite biome for the sake of it's music... and with Izzabelle's alternatives I feel like the tide will be twice as good.
  10. DomLutch

    Sprites Izzabelle's Alternates

    Thanks izzabelle!
  11. DomLutch

    OH! Right if you know feisty Gandhi and his maps, he gave me the permission to make fully...

    OH! Right if you know feisty Gandhi and his maps, he gave me the permission to make fully fleshed games out of them! and after playing...6 hours of Bleed 2 I've got some ideas for these (fan?) games!
  12. DomLutch

    Sprites Izzabelle's Alternates

    Thanks for clearing that up for me. I've already said why I want to make a mod out of these. But like you said it might change in the future (most likely when they're all done and polished to their satisfaction).
  13. DomLutch

    Trust me... you don't know how bad I am when it comes to that!

    Trust me... you don't know how bad I am when it comes to that!
  14. DomLutch

    Story Boundless Light: The Tale of Celestia

    So slimes are acidic are they...:joy:<- this guy is the only acidic one out of us slimes! %:sigh: Us NON ACIDIC slimes only harden and crush people when thy attack us! WE DON'T MELT THEM! Such a common misconception... *sigh* (This is a joke so please don't hate me for...
  15. DomLutch

    Sprites Izzabelle's Alternates

    If you ask for permission and you get said permission it's fine right? because, distribution or use of copyrighted material is illegal as long as it's Without the owner's permission. Get said permission and it's fine granted that you keep to their guidelines. So i'm just asking, I'm not going to...
  16. DomLutch

    Being a procrastinator... or trying to do something productive...

    Being a procrastinator... or trying to do something productive...
  17. DomLutch

    Sprites Izzabelle's Alternates

    Am I allowed to make a mod using these suggestions so that I can spice up terraria? I'm getting bored of the classic looks so this has gripped me and I'd love to see it become reality(It also looks like others what to see the same...)!
  18. DomLutch

    Sprites Izzabelle's Alternates

    Suggestion! A replacement for the regular forest biome(the biome you always start in)
  19. DomLutch

    Map-Adventure R'lyeh Nexus

    Thank you so much! Yeah, this will really help!
  20. DomLutch

    Map-Adventure R'lyeh Nexus

    Hey Gandhi... I love your maps and I'm trying to get into game design... Could I make a game out of your maps(Red hat and this one?), I'll be giving you all the credit for it but, I can easily imagine these maps as their own games... so it's your choice ,for these are your maps.
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