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    And so it ends... for now! pixeltree [ATTACH]

    And so it ends... for now! pixeltree
  2. Maza

    Items Weather Control Tablet

    No, no it's ok, everything here is just fun brainstorming. I actually like that crafting recipe.
  3. Maza

    Builds Made a cute Medieval style house!

    It's pretty nice! I like all the little details and how neatly organized everything feels, like every object is just where it has to be.
  4. Maza

    Items Weather Control Tablet

    Just joking. But You're right, maybe it's a little wonky as it is now and the gap between the item and events is significant, so I'll probably try to rework the idea a bit, maybe having the weather and the events in separate items and consolidating those later.
  5. Maza

    Items Weather Control Tablet

    No, but I took inspiration from the Solar Tablet and wanted to incorporate it, and the Blood Moon sort of also ties into that. Maybe a version without those events could be, just skipping the Solar Tablet and Bloody Tear. Not necessarily every weather exclusive item should be included, I think...
  6. Maza

    Items Weather Control Tablet

    Weather Control Tablet: Allows for limited control of the weather and some events! Can start and end: Rain, Windy Day (Random wind direction). Can start (but not end): Sandstorm, Blood Moon and Solar Eclipse. Crafting: 10 x Luminite Bars 8 x Solar Tablet Fragment | 1 x Solar Tablet (?) x...
  7. Maza

    Terrariain' time! pixeltree [ATTACH]

    Terrariain' time! pixeltree
  8. Maza

    On which side of Hell do you spawn the Wall of Flesh?

    I used to build my hellbridges and spawn the WoF on the same side as the Jungle to prevent the hardmode "V stripes" from overtaking it (younger me thought the stripes generated at the point where WoF was defeated). Now that the position of the stripes is fixed and evil biomes stopped destroying...
  9. Maza

    Blocks & Decoration Mɑke "ultrabright torches" more brigher ωhen plɑced

    I think it's intentional, the light even flickers a bit. Probably a Traveling Merchant shenanigan. I don't think it matters much, I recommend using white torches (brightest torch) for placed lights, or ichor/cursed if underwater.
  10. Maza

    Yep, I tried too, definitely nothing. [ATTACH]

    Yep, I tried too, definitely nothing.
  11. Maza

    Undecided Gang! 🌳☯🪓 [ATTACH]

    Undecided Gang! 🌳☯🪓
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    *Cries in Spore*

    *Cries in Spore*
  15. Maza

    Weapons & Equip More Whip Sounds

    I got a bit inspired and made mock-ups for the remaining whips. It's still more of a proof of concept though; any sound additions to whips would be appreciated, given how repetitive the leather whip cracking can get. Snapthorn. Spinal Tap. Morning Star.
  16. Maza

    Mobile Is there any reason to explore the Pre-HM desert?

    Hehe, well that is a way around it. Then I guess it is only worthwhile to explore if you want to take preventive measures to evil biome/hallow spread, or if you want really niche things such as paintings or the Amber Mosquito. Otherwise, It's not really critical since you can get Forbidden...
  17. Maza

    Mobile Is there any reason to explore the Pre-HM desert?

    It does have some good loot for exploration and general use, such as the Ancient Chisel (Faster mining), Magic Conch (fast travel to the oceans without pylon, Shellphone later on), Bast Statue (defensive bonus), etc. Also, hardmode Desert can get a bit more annoying to traverse with enemies...
  18. Maza

    PC Can someone help me

    I did zoom a bit on the left side of the world, the entire thing looks like this.
  19. Maza

    PC Can someone help me

    Using your seed, I get this. Although If I remember correctly, seeds may be different according to the OS (I'm using Windows) so it is possible this might not be it, since you can't find the underground Jungle; If that is the case, maybe you can attach your world, which on MacOS i think is...
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