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  1. BladeStaff

    Weapons & Equip True Eye of Cthulhu: Second strongest yoyo

    instead of seeing new yoyos(theres one for every stage). I would like to see the old ones be revamped. Most of them don't do anything flashy.
  2. BladeStaff

    Builds Tour of my World

    My guy let a man pick what drill/pickaxe he wanna use.
  3. BladeStaff

    meh & and Banana man better :p

    meh & and Banana man better :p
  4. BladeStaff

    Ask the Basilisk

    whats a Basilisk's scientific name???
  5. BladeStaff

    ♪Juno was mad, he knew he'd been had So he shot at the sun with a gun♪

    ♪Juno was mad, he knew he'd been had So he shot at the sun with a gun♪
  6. BladeStaff

    Rate stardust cell staff

    How dare you say blue ball is worse then dragoon
  7. BladeStaff

    Items you think are overrated?

    Crystal serpent. Relly bad for anything which isn;t the twins imo
  8. BladeStaff

    Rate stardust cell staff

    But blue balls cooler then dragoon.
  9. BladeStaff

    PC Fishron Wings

    Actually from what I heard he beat the duke of the sea. But because he hasn't prayed to RNGesus in a looooong time, he hasn't been able to get one to drop from the 1000X bags.
  10. BladeStaff

    Boss edibility?

    Remember don't eat more then half.
  11. BladeStaff

    Weapons & Equip Fix melee speed scaling with spears, buff spears & add more spears

    Make a TL;DR for folk like me who are To Lazy and didn't read. Also I wont border a buff to spear size(as most of them don't shoot projectiles)
  12. BladeStaff

    Boss edibility?

    King slime.the tool tip for slime/gel reads "Both tasty and flammable"
  13. BladeStaff

    where is hallow biome?

    Heres a neat trick. Where you defeat wall of flesh and the obsidian box spawns a BIG \/ goes through your world. The \/ is where your hollow/evil biome would be spread. Sometimes people are unlucky and get their hollowed/crimsion spawn in the jungle. And mud don't have evil/hollow versions so...
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