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    Standalone [1.3] tModLoader - A Modding API

    When i run the installer it says could not find place to install to. is this because i dont have terraria on my C: drive? If so, how do i direct it to where it is now?
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    tModLoader Tremor Remastered [discontinued]

    SIR FRUKTOZ!!!!!!!!!!!
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    what a beast

    what a beast
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    Post an insane lie about the user above you.

    makes really cool 'insane' lies about the person above him
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    tModLoader Mokkel's Mod v1.0 (Coders and spriters wanted)

    it'll be there..... eventually
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    Pixel Art Zoomo's Art

    can i just say that i thoroughly enjoyed this response
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    tModLoader Mokkel's Mod v1.0 (Coders and spriters wanted)

    xD Artem don't be sad. its just honestly you wouldnt have much you could do if you joined :p
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    tModLoader Mokkel's Mod v1.0 (Coders and spriters wanted)

    wow this mod looks pretty dank
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    tModLoader The Spirit Mod!

    what the kha zix
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    Pixel Art Pirtz's Pixels

    Duelyst is a game. Has a unique art style
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    tModLoader Negadium - Mharadium & Negativity

    or you could just be patient and wait for thread update :D
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    tModLoader The Spirit Mod!

    When is the mod being released?
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    tModLoader The Spirit Mod!

    hopefully it will be there soon he said :( 4monthslaterstillwaiting
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    tModLoader The Spirit Mod!

    So the mod is getting released within like week right? Because like you definetely like are like done and like you can just give the public like a beta or something like that and release like updates and i like definetely didn't say this to annoy like anyone. Also the progress bar doesnt help...
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    Pixel Art Dakharn's Sprites Thread

    haha illuminati with the glasses is the best ;p did you ever get around to respriting the astronix event bosses?
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    tModLoader The Spirit Mod!

    looks awesome. did you perhaps get a bit of inspo?
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    tModLoader The Twilight Forest Mod

    looking kewl. i like the purple theme. lots of things you can do with it. support! :D
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    tModLoader Pentacore Mod - 5 ores, 4 bosses, 2 minibiomes and more!

    Hey man mod looks cool when is the release date Kappa
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    tModLoader Negadium - Mharadium & Negativity

    Haha yes please. Its a fun difficult challenge... ( or at least for me it is :D )
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    tModLoader The Spirit Mod!

    Farrrkkk you and snug are amazing at this
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