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  1. wCrane

    Sprites Mystical Rune - Making Yoyos a bit more interesting

    omfg, i love this. you've got my support
  2. wCrane

    Sprites The Red Steel Set - become a guardian of Dungeon?!

    loving the prehardmode 'turtle armour'-like armour, you've got my support
  3. wCrane

    Sprites Jungle Mimic Drops

    fair enough
  4. wCrane

    Weapons & Equip ACTUAL Shields... With special abilities!!!!!

    actually, you could use a shield to push an enemy away, or to block and deflect a weapon. you wont just stand there cowering behind it. anyways, these are a really neat idea, though i think they should be more like a holdable weapon (similar to swords, spears, ect.) and when you use it, it can...
  5. wCrane

    Sprites Some of my ideas: new items, new mechanics, new equipment...

    in general: awesome idea! sprites look good, and it seems well thought out. however, I have an issue with your idea for boomerangs, and scourge of the corruptor. -For the scourge, melee needs that. if your playing a world, and doing melee, your won't have a biome chest.(yes i know you could...
  6. wCrane

    Sprites Jungle Mimic Drops

    god damn. thats great. The items could use a bit of balancing, but other than that, these seem awesome. well done! Some balancing ideas: -Sword: a bit of a damage decrease. remember that (while it would be very hard) these are obtainable instantly upon activating hardmode. Yes, i know that the...
  7. wCrane

    Weapons & Equip Forbidden shield

    SO. fourth time trying to type a reply to this... Good job. neat small idea, could definitely be seen in the game, and I would definitely use it. I tried my hand at spriting a shield and a combination of it and the ankh shield, BUT I get logged out everytime I try to add files, and my post is...
  8. wCrane

    Terraria: Otherworld You're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat: The Ocean Biome in Terraria: Otherworld

    Woo! awesome ocean! question: is ToW gonna be for mac?
  9. wCrane

    PC 1.3.2 Changelog

    WOO PARTY! this is awesome! I love that the NPCs have special sayings when parties are happening also, am I the only one who didn't realize that the demolitionist is actually a dwarf? I always thought he was just short...
  10. wCrane

    Pixel Art Zoomo's Art

    My god... This looks amazing.:eek: How u does it?
  11. wCrane

    Weapons & Equip Hardmode crimson/corruption armour

    My god, lol. This this is still here? jeez. I might redo this... I don't like the sprites anymore.
  12. wCrane

    Pixel Art Derpo's Magnificent Sprites

    if you haven't started my request yet, would you be able to do it of this pic? I changed the design of the character... If not its ok :)
  13. wCrane

    Am making (and gathering some of my old) sprites, to try my hand at a sprite thread... it's...

    Am making (and gathering some of my old) sprites, to try my hand at a sprite thread... it's coming along well.
  14. wCrane

    Pixel Art Derpo's Magnificent Sprites

    Alright. That'd be neat actually, I'm trying to put some terraria armours into the style above, lol
  15. wCrane

    Pixel Art Derpo's Magnificent Sprites

    Really whatever you want to do, I guess. I've got no real preference, lol
  16. wCrane

    Pixel Art Derpo's Magnificent Sprites

    nice pixels man :D If requests are still open, would you mind doing a version of my little OC here?
  17. wCrane

    Pixel Art Zoomo's Art

    It's called Mithril
  18. wCrane

    Sprites The Glade (Alternate Hallow)

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