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  1. Soulstar

    Switch Auto mine/build

    Trying to figure out how to do either since I'm locked into the grid and slow mining method. I tried most of the buttons I could think of but none are actually doing it like the PS4 version or PC do. (Mining or building walls without fully moving the cursor around is what I mean.)
  2. Soulstar

    Xbox One Submitted Friday - PS4 Fixes Out 1.23.18!!!

    I haven't been on in awhile but wondering when the next patch is... Me and my kids are playing this again and the crashing is getting confusing. Still curious also about a switch date cause we have that too.
  3. Soulstar

    Official Console 1.3 Update Feedback Thread

    There was a general mention of the old upload download feature coded in pre 1.3 I thought and I can say that it helped a lot because I don't do online gaming so no ps+. With 1.3 that feature is now different which does hinder some people who have kids who minecraft Terraria basically. That was...
  4. Soulstar

    Official Console 1.3 Update Feedback Thread

    I did so not sure where you got that from.
  5. Soulstar

    Official Console 1.3 Update Feedback Thread

    What are you even talking about? Prior to the update Terraria had it built in to upload a world and character plus download both. Multiplayer functionality was the only time ps+ was needed then. Now it's a bit different. Not sure where your nonsensical reply comes from.
  6. Soulstar

    Official Console 1.3 Update Feedback Thread

    You didn't need ps+ to upload and download as it was in the pre pipework build as I used it when my kids destroyed one of my worlds and downloaded it and I never had ps+ just local multi.
  7. Soulstar

    PS4 Can't get map back

    So not sure where I posted this before, but the video unit one sent didn't work because those buttons aren't on my main account on any character, however my second account for my kids does have it which is odd. I went looking through the files on the ps4 and noticed a miscellaneous file and...
  8. Soulstar

    PS4 Can't get map back

    I watched it a few times and don't have the sidebar to the right of the equipment section on the far right. Only thing I found was the second tab of the equipment screen at the bottom can persimmon stuff but no button for minimap
  9. Soulstar

    PS4 Can't get map back

    I'm not sure how to get the map back or how it disappeared... I have the bindings set for all 3 minimap but no way to get the map to open?
  10. Soulstar

    PS4 Crash when walking near mannequins of gear

    That's the problem though. I never recorded the videos the ps4 did it somehow and I don't have them as files myself that I see. Ill try downloading the Terraria save file and submitting it later hopefully but not really sure about the videos. Edit : I did submit the crash error already.
  11. Soulstar

    PS4 Crash when walking near mannequins of gear

    Actually they have the world file as its the one I sent way back when they asked for them... I'm not sure if I did much since then. The hotfix didn't fix it though. The errors were sent through ps4 crash system and the videos submitted that way, but ill file a separate one now the other way.
  12. Soulstar

    PS4 Crash when walking near mannequins of gear

    So I've been trying to isolate issues I've had on fishland, which was my test world I submitted... It seems to crash 100% of the time when I get near the mannequins of armor underneath me and to the right. No issues going left all. I also can fly over the area that I'm crashing at also and come...
  13. Soulstar

    PS4 PS4 1.3 updaters Beware

    I've isolated a bug possibly. Tested out my character in a legacy world, regular converted and also a fresh world and the left stick is acting like its the right one. Oddly if I make a new character everything works fine. Already tried control scheme changes in world and at main menu. I've...
  14. Soulstar

    One Terraria: An Introduction & Future Impacts

    There goes my armor sets of the ocram farmed gear -.-
  15. Soulstar

    Console Will 1.3 really come out in Q3?

    Think of this similar to the recent no mans sky atlas rising update. Although running the same engine, they overhauled a huge portion of the game and released the content update... Without the proper testing every aspect it did cause errors some glaring and some hidden which the devs didn't...
  16. Soulstar

    Console Console 1.3?

    With a lot of effort you technically can do one biome minus the ocean. With enough materials you can change it...
  17. Soulstar

    Console Console 1.3?

    I'm hoping its somewhat like the pc version with controller as its been pretty interesting. Also if its like pc we may want to make new worlds anyhow because they are a lot bigger on pc. Can't wait for the update.
  18. Soulstar

    A Progress Update on the Road to 1.3! Pre-Alpha Gameplay Inside!

    Tell that to horizon zero dawn that had a few patches back to back. Mass effect had a few too. The only recent game that has had 0 updates or patches is persona 5. If I recall Sony does have a rather icky patch qa system so that's why there isn't a lot of patch rollouts. Thinking on this...
  19. Soulstar

    Console Question on Terraria 1.3 for Console (UI Question and possible idea)

    There was a function in options to pause gameplay while in menus on pc, maybe this was retained and enabled on their playthroughs since console had it already?
  20. Soulstar

    PS3 & PS4 Saved Data Request

    Sarcasm isn't needed. The thought that it's running on a new engine was the primary factor for the suggestion to send it. Another point of fact is they aren't handling current version bug fixes for consoles since its not their engine. This is my last reply on this subject as your attitude was...
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