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  1. AmazingMaciek

    PC Ideas...

    In case you didn't know I finally published the 100 days map.
  2. AmazingMaciek

    PC 100 days on journey mode

    Remember when I posted this thread about ideas to my 100 days world? Well after a long time I finally did it, I survived 100 days on journey mode. I did some of your requests here's the list of them: - Giant square (Suggested by [is it okay that I put your names here? I hope so...] Lady...
  3. AmazingMaciek

    PC Ideas...

    Okay... this one may be hard cuz I don't watch anime. Oh, and just to be sure by "uncommon anime" you mean anime that people rearly talk about or mention, right?
  4. AmazingMaciek

    PC Ideas...

    Sure, why not...
  5. AmazingMaciek

    PC Ideas...

    Ok, but rainbow *ahem* is something I wouldn't want in my world... Mainly because I will share this world on Steam Workshop.
  6. AmazingMaciek

    PC Ideas...

    Most likely
  7. AmazingMaciek

    Official Behind the scenes of Journey's End - A Q&A with the Programmers and Artists of Terraria

    I have nothing else to do, so why not, here are my questions: 1. Why does Golem exist? 2. Terraria when JzBoy? 3. What are the chances of another update after the workshop maps? 4. Does this game have an anti-piracy screen? 5. Waffle? 6. When will version 1.4 for tModLoader be released...
  8. AmazingMaciek

    PC Ideas...

    A'ight I'm fairly close to 100 days, when I'll finally reach this milestone I'll wait till next Terraria update which (hopefully) will include workshop maps and then I'm gonna upload it. Then I'll go to 200 days, re-upload the map, 300 days, re-upload the map, 400 days, re-upload the map... You...
  9. AmazingMaciek

    tModLoader Fargo's Souls Mod not loading

    Ok, now it's fixed. Thanks dude!
  10. AmazingMaciek

    tModLoader Fargo's Souls Mod not loading

    When I try to reload Fargo's Souls Mod and it's DLC in tModLoader I get an error message telling me that I'm missing a mod called "fargowiltas" that is apparently required by Fargo's Souls Mod, when I tried to look it up I didn't find anything called fargowiltas. And here's an image this error...
  11. AmazingMaciek

    Terraria: No Greater Labor of Love Nominee - Get Your Votes in Today!

  12. AmazingMaciek

    Reduced Mining Mod

  13. AmazingMaciek

    Drawings & Paintings i will draw you and then rate my drawing

    Uhh didn't I mention that all 5 requests have been sent, cuz I am pretty sure I have mentioned it earlier...
  14. AmazingMaciek


    I'm already on 700
  15. AmazingMaciek

    PC Ideas...

    Yes, yes, yes, yes YES!
  16. AmazingMaciek

    PC Ideas...

    Hopefully there still will be space for it...
  17. AmazingMaciek

    NPC happiness system is still broken

    Yes they were <50 tiles from each other, but this glitch fixed itself, I just rejoined.
  18. AmazingMaciek

    PC Ideas...

    Hmmm this one may be tricky... but ok.
  19. AmazingMaciek

    PC Ideas...

    Alrighty, sounds cool.
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