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    Switch Need help with the twins

    If you've beat another mech boss already, asphalt runway works well for me. What buff potions are you using?
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    Xbox Series S/X Help with WOF on For the Worthy Legendary mode

    Any tips on how to beat wall of flesh on FTW? Using Nights Edge/Molten armor, all accessories to menacing/lucky. Using buffs, heart lanterns, honey, etc. The imps & their fireballs are too over-powering. I tried this set up below but the darts weren't stopping the imps from firing as they do in...
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    Switch Minimap

    You can, might have to go into settings, control bindings and specify what button turns it on/off
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    PS4 is there something wrong here? i cant get the pylon but look at the pictures. theyre both happy. ( i think..?)

    Know it's been a few weeks, were you able to find a solution? Maybe try another npc to pair with the angler?
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    Console Tell me your favorite and least favorite things in terraria.

    Love the new change to the ench sundial, that it can be used on back to back events, like BM into eclipse
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    Xbox Series S/X Shimmer lake not working/no aether biome

    Thanks for all this. It is a multiplayer world, I didn't think about that part. I haven't tried adding more shimmer with the bucket, it's a world that I play with my son and his cousin. I thought about adding more shimmer, but I wasn't sure if I could remove it if it didn't work. If the aether...
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    Switch Onscreen buffs/debuffs symbols

    I don't play on the switch, but for xbox, you can go into settings, -> controller -> controller bindings, then miscellaneous, here you can edit the button that is responsible for cycling through buffs and removing a buff. Guessing it's similar for switch? Dan
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    Xbox Series S/X Shimmer lake not working/no aether biome

    Hopefully this helps, elevation is at 1144'. Items that I've tossed in have been lemons, life crystals, among other things, but those are items that I've tried in another post-LOL created world that do work. I really don't want to create another world, but is that my only option if this was...
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    Resolved [Xbox One] Losing will to live over Skeletron Master Mode, got any tips?

    Have you checked all your floating island chests to see if you can get the starfury? If you don't have it, fish for it in floating islands. Using the stars from that means that you don't have to be right on top of him all the time. Or tried the bee keeper? Also try the Stinger necklace accessory...
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    Xbox Series S/X Shimmer lake not working/no aether biome

    Hey, I posted this last week in the console help section, but doesn't look like it's happened to anyone else, hoping I can get a few more people in here to see it, maybe offer a reason why (other than a bug).... Playing on xbox x. I have 2 different worlds that were created after 1.4.4 came...
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    Xbox Series S/X Shimmer lake not working/no aether biome

    Playing on xbox x. I have 2 different worlds that were created after 1.4.4 came out. In one of the worlds, when I got to the shimmer lake that was generated at start of world, there is no aether biome/starry background, and when I drop items in, like lemons or heart crystals - nothing happens...
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    Switch Something is wrong!

    To the OP, are you in Journey mode, do you have time frozen?
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    Resolved [1.4.3] [Xbox Series S/X] Pylons not for sale

    Thank you both, got it working. I had to basically put the houses on top of each other. Before it was working though, they were only 10 blocks apart, which I thought had worked in the past? Had to put the Nurse with the Merchant, as suggested by Hootle.
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    Resolved [1.4.3] [Xbox Series S/X] Pylons not for sale

    Not the Dryad, but yes for the jungle..."This serene living space has all the quiet I need to focus on my mural. There are many ingredients for mixin' new paint in the Jungle, and the pretty view don't hurt either." As far as happiness pricing, his paint brush sells for 89 silver (normally 1...
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    Resolved [1.4.3] [Xbox Series S/X] Pylons not for sale

    On 1.4.3, sure it's something obvious I'm missing, but no NPC's are selling pylongs. I've defeated Eye of Cthulhu, I have the arms dealer/nurse in the desert (houses are close), I have the painter & dryad in the jungle, and in the forest I have the merchant, zoologist, & guide. Houses are close...
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    Official Terraria Wiki - Feedback Thread

    Yup, I have it now. Thanks!
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    Official Terraria Wiki - Feedback Thread

    Anyone else using their phone? Does your phone's browser show the search function? Not really interested in getting a seperate browser just for this site, curious if its on my end or the website? Thanks
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    Official Terraria Wiki - Feedback Thread

    (This was posted on the other thread before I found this one, sorry for the double post) Hey, site looks great. However when viewing in my phone's browser (Brave on Android), I have to put it in landscape mode to access the search option. Not sure if this is intentional. Thanks Dan
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    New Official Terraria Wiki Launches Today!

    Love the site, but anyone else missing the search function on their phone's browser? I have to switch to landscape mode in order to access it. Thanks Dan
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