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  1. ManaUser

    How to dig under sand (solo) in 11 easy steps.

    This is true, and that's actually what will happen if you attempt my old in instructions above, too. It useful if you want to mine a bunch of sand, but unfortunate if you'd prefer to go through/under the sand without disturbing it. None the less, mining all the sand this way and then re-placing...
  2. ManaUser

    Tool Terraria Portable (GOG.COM ONLY)

    I don't hold it against you. This kind of task is inherently risky I suppose, and I should have been more careful. It's too bad Terraria doesn't have an option to change its save folder through the command line, like some games do. That would by alot safer than having to mess with the save...
  3. ManaUser

    Tool Terraria Portable (GOG.COM ONLY)

    Please be careful with this thing. I was experimenting with this and somehow ended up with all my Terraria save data deleted. (I had a backup, though not quite as recent as I'd have liked, so it wasn't a complete disaster.) Yes I probably did something wrong, but none the less, I would advise...
  4. ManaUser

    How to dig under sand (solo) in 11 easy steps.

    Hmm... Maybe you could combine the techniques. What if instead of a bomb, you used an actuator and a timer?
  5. ManaUser

    How to dig under sand (solo) in 11 easy steps.

    I'm afraid not. Sand collapses into actuated blocks now. This change was apparently made to support a new type of trap in the underground desert.
  6. ManaUser

    Working as Designed Whips can hit certain types of enemies in walls

    Sounds normal, ordinary melee weapons can do that too. It might a little weird with whips since they have a longer reach, but I always assumed it was intended. Like if there's a wraith about to pop out of the wall next to you, it only seems fair that you can hit it with your sword before it...
  7. ManaUser

    Slim Player & Female NPC Texture packs

    The descriptions for each frame and the overlay both really help. I had just extracted a couple of random armors, and they probably weren't the best examples, as they evidently had minimal sleeves, leaving not much work from in some of those frames. Much clearer now. Thanks, I appreciate it.
  8. ManaUser

    Slim Player & Female NPC Texture packs

    Sorry for the tangent question, but you seem like the best person to ask. Is there a detailed guide or template for the new player/armor sprite sheet format around somewhere? I'm having a little trouble making sense of it, especially the sheets that that just have a few pixels on them...
  9. ManaUser

    Invisible Finch Nest

    Pretty cool. I was afraid it might look funny without the nest, but it actually looks really good.
  10. ManaUser

    PC How do I make a texture pack?

    Darn, that's unfortunate. The one graphic change I was actually hoping to make is an enlarged cursor. I guess I'll have to keep doing that by replacing the XNBs. :merchantsad:
  11. ManaUser

    Working as Designed Legendary Terrarian Yo-yo

    Interesting, check this out: https://onedropyoyos.com/yoyos/legendary-terrarian/ It's kind of a weird press release, because the One Drop people clearly don't actually know Terraria very well, but it looks like there might have been some change on this. Probably not a bug.
  12. ManaUser

    Expand Your Terraria Empire - Pylons, Town Building, and NPC Happiness

    As I read through these updates (out of order) it occurs to me that Journey mode is probably just the thing for the aesthetic builders who are concerned the new happiness system. Since you'll be able to create items for free, it sounds like any worries about prices will be a thing of the past.
  13. ManaUser

    How to set up bubbles with liquid?

    If you want to make a bubble full of liquid (and have it stay) you need to make a ring of bubble blocks and put the liquid in the middle, rather than putting liquid directly onto the bubbles.
  14. ManaUser

    Things that you didn't realize were in the game for the longest time?

    Bubble Spell? That's freakin' Razorblade Typhoon you're talkin' 'bout! One of my favorite items in the game. As you can imagine (see username) I tend to focus on magic, and it's one of the strongest magic weapons short of the Moonlord stuff. The projectiles have both seeking a piercing, which...
  15. ManaUser

    Standalone [1.3] tModLoader - A Modding API

    So GOG players aren't supported anymore? :( No work-around or anything?
  16. ManaUser

    Terraria State of the Game - March 2019

    Nice! I admit I haven't been following the next (PC) update that closely, it's been a long time coming, but it sounds like it'll have plenty of cool stuff. Looking forward to it.
  17. ManaUser

    [Showcase] 2D Printer

    Very cool addition, Temarai! Interestingly, if it can read and write, that also means it could be a storage device. Not that this would be particularly practical. Also it can't erase without user intervention, so I guess it would be a bit like EPROM.
  18. ManaUser

    1.3.6 Preview: Block Swap

    As awsome as this sounds, I do hope there's an option to disable it like (or along with) the current fast wall replace. I can definitely imagine some situations where it would be undesirable.
  19. ManaUser

    Hardest/Rarest Accessory

    Yeah, that was the first that came to mind for me. Lava charm and water walking boots are both hard to get.
  20. ManaUser

    Terrarians, show us your "I must screenshot this" moment

    World's smallest mushroom zone. It's a bit hard to make out, but it appears the rest of it was overwritten by granite.
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