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  1. Ryan3aly3

    Xbox 360 My fish wont spawn

    Whenever i use it... No buff or pet.
  2. Ryan3aly3

    Xbox 360 Truffle Keeps dieing

    Any time I come near BAM "truffle was slain" all the time... I always have to wait for him to respawn to trade or anything with him and during that time u have to stay close to the house.
  3. Ryan3aly3

    Xbox 360 Infinity Lihzahrd Door Bug

    When I destroy what was under it (aka super dart trap) it was floating, when I hit the thing beside it (the thing that changed design when you hit it, idk what it's called) it is still there but drops a door and the other block stays there so I can do it Infinity more times and get Infinitycoins...
  4. Ryan3aly3

    tModLoader The More Bosses Mod, Modders and Spriters Needed

    Need help making... Might take I while to finish... More bosses mod!
  5. Ryan3aly3

    Pixel Art Your Favorite Sprites

    What are your favorite sprites in vanilla Terraria?
  6. Ryan3aly3

    Pixel Art Ryan3aly3's Spritemainia

    Taking request and wanted to show off my sprites. NO USEING ONES IN MODS FOR OTHER MODS. So let's begin sprites WILL be posted soon
  7. Ryan3aly3

    What Would You Add Day 3: New Weapon

    What weapon would you add to Terraria? (Plz try staying away from weapons in mods, if you can)
  8. Ryan3aly3

    Your best in game builds

    Post your best in game builds here.
  9. Ryan3aly3

    Xbox 360 Walk through stairs

    Are there stairs in Xbox360 if so how do you craft them? Sorry Idk where to post this under.
  10. Ryan3aly3

    What Would You Add Day 2: Boss

    What boss would you add? Me... i would add this also any pixel artist wanna make this for me?
  11. Ryan3aly3

    What would You add day 1: New Biome

    What new biome would you add
  12. Ryan3aly3

    Your Biggest Terraria Mistakes

    What is your biggest Terraria Mistake? Mine is letting my bro play split screen with me and not taking away his bombs... poor npcs
  13. Ryan3aly3

    Rate it! Fish Food

    Cooked fish, mostly over looked, made with cauldron... how do you like it?
  14. Ryan3aly3

    Member-Run Project If you could add a boss what would It be???

    Any boss any at all (except one that will ban the post)
  15. Ryan3aly3

    What Should Ryan3aly3 build

    I am on for a hours starting now... so what should I build
  16. Ryan3aly3

    Xbox 360 When will equipable vanity?

    So... xbox360 when is the update with ur character actually showing what u have equiped going to come? (Ex. When shiny red bloon is equiped player holds it in there hand)
  17. Ryan3aly3

    Pixel Art Ryan3aly3 is taking requests

    Newbie looking to help people with pixel art and .Gifs and Sprites. Any requests?
  18. Ryan3aly3

    Eating Pet Spawners Vote

    So, i noticed to spawn pets you have to eats something disgusting (in most cases) what my question is is, What would you wanna eat out of all the spawner objects
  19. Ryan3aly3

    Resolved Name prefix

    What are them and how do I get them? The word before your name you know like cutuist, eye of chudjsjdhf, and all that?
  20. Ryan3aly3


    What should I do after I defeat the Wof, and how do I mine the new ores...
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