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  1. Muninn

    PC Exploration of a New World

    This planet has beautiful trees. This is one of the most spectacular that I have seen. And finally I believe that I may not have been the first on this world. I sighted this as dusk was approaching. [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER]
  2. Muninn

    Soundsystem (Music Box upgrade)

    I am a big fan of music boxes, and obsessively collect them, for no apparent reason. However, in each segment of music, I can find sections that would sound great together, but there is just one problem: The segments are on different tracks. So, to fix this problem, I present to you the...
  3. Muninn

    Mutate a terrarian

    How this game works: Choose a entity in Terraria, including biomes/blocks. You may change an object that a previous poster changed. Mutate it. (ie manipulate its main features.) I will start. Dirt blocks have changed... now they sometimes pretend to be lava.
  4. Muninn

    General improvements to Golem

    Terraria on whole is a great game. It does however have a weak spot. This weak link goes by the name Golem. Golem is not a terribly difficult boss, and yet, it was one of the last bosses in the game. (pre-3.1) Before it and after are two of my favorite bosses, Plantera and the Lunar Cultist. In...
  5. Muninn

    WIP Terraria Dimensions

    Notice! This is a draft! Suggestions and sprites are appreciated. ============================================================= At some point in the Game's progression, you look to the stars and wonder. Later when you have unlocked the secret of flight, you take to the sky... And are...
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