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  1. TheWizard332

    WIP Where is the "Were" in "Werewolf"?

    Okay,guys. The werewolf is just a hardmode zombie that everyone hates. "UGH, here comes another werewolf." they say. I've decided to change that. During the daytime, werewolves can be found wandering the forests in which they hunt at night. They look like humans in tattered clothes, sometimes...
  2. TheWizard332

    WIP FOR FREEDOM!- The Peasant Revolt

    Hello, there. I had this idea in history class ( Hurr durr) so here it is. The Peasant Revolt- an event that starts whenever you NPC's requirements are unfullfilled for too long. " Seymour wants to settle down. Seymour wants to settle down." ....... " The Peasant Revolt has begun!" It isn't...
  3. TheWizard332

    Hardmode Blood Moons

    In Hardmode, a Blood Moon is sort of a joke. Okay, sure, there are Clowns, but even those aren't that hard to beat up. So, I thought, " Hey, let's make some new enemies and stuff for it." So, here we are. Now let's cut to the cheese, shall we? -Mobs- (note all of these are hard-mode exclusive)...
  4. TheWizard332

    Hybrid Weapons- For every Ninja-Wizard out there...

    Hello everyone, I'm here to talk about a quick little idea that adds only 3 weapons, 2 enemies, and a few crafting materials. No Jungle-devouring robots or lame Skydrakes THIS time around.... lets start! The first hybrid- The Hellfire Shotgun- ranged/magic 15 damage...
  5. TheWizard332

    The Sky.......... Version 2.0

    The sky sucks, lets face it. TWO MOBS! Unacceptable...... so, I am here to save us from Monotony.Lets go! -General- this is in no way a whole new biome... just some new mobs and loot. Mobs- pre-hm- Gyrfalcon- 10 defense, 1 armor, 15 damage and it hovers above, then dives down at the player...
  6. TheWizard332

    The Jungle's bitter rival: The Relic

    Hello, I am here to talk about an entirely NEW biome- not a Corrupt/Hallow alternate- found underground. It is called The Relic, a steampunky-mechanical themed biome. Since I don't have a spriter, I will just describe what things will look like. The biome is, before hardmode, just an...
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