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  1. DarthCryo04

    Member-Run Contest Saddest Findings Ever

    When I saved platinum to reforge my meow mere, first try legendary, accidentally click reforge again.
  2. DarthCryo04

    Member-Run Contest Saddest Findings Ever

    One day I ventured into the jungle and spent hours killing hornets. The result was 5 bezoars, and a stinger. One stinger. And 5 bezoars. Face palm.
  3. DarthCryo04

    PC Stardust Guardian Staff [SPRITES]

    I think you should merge the threads into one big one.
  4. DarthCryo04


    I reckon you should make it so first it's a boomerang, and the second shot is a flail. So when you throw the first side of the nunchucks, it acts like a boomerang, and when it comes back in, a flail will shoot out for a few seconds only. Otherwise, support!
  5. DarthCryo04

    Vile Skin and Vicious Skin (Hardmode Corruption and Crimson Armors)

    I really like the risk reward armour but I believe a percentage of damage increased/decreased would be better than the health changes. Support!
  6. DarthCryo04

    [Sprites] Marbles - Additional Throwing Type Weapons

    Have you lost your marbles? :happy: Great idea, I personally think there should be an achievement by ^that name. You would get it by firing 100 marbles or some other number. Maybe add some marbles dropped by the mechs? The twins marbles would fire two marbles, one would have a spasmatic homing...
  7. DarthCryo04

    A few interesting lunar weapon ideas.

    Yep. Do you plan on having more weapons for each pillar? I have a few ideas about it. I can Pm you if so.
  8. DarthCryo04

    A few interesting lunar weapon ideas.

    I like the unique aspect added to all the weapons, but there should be a cap on the increasing damage of the Weaver Staff. Support!
  9. DarthCryo04

    Asgardian Event! (Need sprites)

    I'm sorry, you think Marvel made up the Asgardians? Well they didn't. Why would they sue terraria? Thor is a Norse god, search it up. OT: Something that would improve the suggestion would be better names, as Asgardian everything is boring. I say remove the sentry and engineer, because Asgard...
  10. DarthCryo04

    Challenges for Players who have already passed Expert Mode

    Ill give it a go, shoot me because I no good at speed running. Pm me please
  11. DarthCryo04

    Attack the next poster!

    I slow down time and kick tetrazile back to the moon lord, who assumes the next poster did it and starts attacking with one direction clones.
  12. DarthCryo04

    Attack the next poster!

    I summon the dungeon guardian to become friends with the red spin, and they ride off into the sunset spinning. I use PSI Rockin Omega on the next poster.
  13. DarthCryo04

    WIP Space Expansion

    I love this personally, as its packed with references and everything is perfectly balanced for its tier in my opinion. Is the reference to the rider from Ratchet and Clank?
  14. DarthCryo04

    What would you bring from other games to terraria?

    Every single thing from earthbound. I mean, come on its earthbound. In particular stuff like a psi rockin attack and a earthbound yoyo, bat typeweapons and frypans.
  15. DarthCryo04

    PC Phase Edge

    This is quite unbalanced for its tier. I suggest you buff the damage and make it crafted with conduit plating to put it past golem. Remove the nights edge and add nanites, they need more use anyway.
  16. DarthCryo04

    The Silence (New Biome Idea) [Work in Progress]

    The end event unbalances it, because does it Look like corruption or crimson have an 'end event'
  17. DarthCryo04

    WIP Inheritance References [Sprites]

    Me love Eragon! Yay, someone make Eragon Suggestion! No flaming Brisingr. Me sad. Anyway I say remove the triple damage thing because I assume this stuff is post plantera and I would rather Zar'roc have a greater crit chance and after killing mobs would have a buff called Bloodlust increasing...
  18. DarthCryo04

    Humorous Redigit IRL Pictures Thread

    My first one here!
  19. DarthCryo04

    New HM Shortswords - A new take on them!

    Well... You didn't exactly imply it. Maybe make it more obvious. Anyway, I support.
  20. DarthCryo04

    The Black Backpack

    So what does the interface look like? Is there a specific time it can be bought such as after Skeletron? I would actually prefer it to be something like demon hearts and life crystals, after you use them you get more inventory space.
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