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  1. IndecisiveOliver

    Weapons & Equip Accessory: Rabbit's Paw

    The "Lucky Rabbit's Boot." That seems a bit powerful, if you ask me. I would actually decrease the invulnerability period if you were to cut down the time between possible uses. Mayb just a second or two, but something to balance it. I...would kind of hate that, actually. When fighting a boss...
  2. IndecisiveOliver

    Don't judge me! I just sorted by date, and went down the list. =T

    Don't judge me! I just sorted by date, and went down the list. =T
  3. IndecisiveOliver

    I basically just woke up, and I'm considered an early riser as far as Sundays go. 'Bit of...

    I basically just woke up, and I'm considered an early riser as far as Sundays go. 'Bit of perspective for ya. :)
  4. IndecisiveOliver

    Weapons & Equip Touching up Merchant, Summoner and Early Game!

    I guess that could work, although the Living Tree chest loot table is sadly lacking in useful things, and the Magical Twig would be a fitting addition, I think. Oh well.
  5. IndecisiveOliver

    Weapons & Equip Fish Lord armor

    If this is post-Fishron, then I have no problem labelling this as fairly balanced. After all, you'd already be killing things instantly. Why not make it look cool?
  6. IndecisiveOliver

    Heh, 'preciate the thought, but I don't put much stock into that. I mostly just throw my...

    Heh, 'preciate the thought, but I don't put much stock into that. I mostly just throw my opinions around and hope people like 'em. :D
  7. IndecisiveOliver

    Weapons & Equip Back Plant

    Sort of. That's a vehicle, though. A bit more of a handful. :)
  8. IndecisiveOliver

    Weapons & Equip Fish Lord armor

    I'M NOT STALKING!!! >_< Anyway, I don't know about the balance, but I do like the "Bubbline"-esque effect that you could get with this thing. Context:
  9. IndecisiveOliver

    Weapons & Equip Back Plant

    You know, I was thinking today that some sort of upgrade for the Hook should be available. As the first and lamest hook most people get, it deserves a badass tinker.
  10. IndecisiveOliver

    Weapons & Equip Fish Lord armor

    I wanna see all those little baby zephyr fish digging into the flesh of my foes. :p I promise I'm not just going through your suggestions, you just pop up on the home list very frequently. =T
  11. IndecisiveOliver

    Weapons & Equip Entangling Blade

    Flower of Frost only has a chance to inflict Frostburn. It's not necessarily the main purpose of the weapon, just a significant effect to make its use more appealing.
  12. IndecisiveOliver

    Weapons & Equip Accessory: Rabbit's Paw

    I like this. It's sort of a renewable Phoenix Feather. I honestly have no problem with finding them in wolves, because you could literally find them inside of the wolves. Amid the giblets and gore, there is plenty of opportunity for half-digested food to be pillaged. ...Oh God, that's really...
  13. IndecisiveOliver

    Weapons & Equip Entangling Blade

    Quote from videogamedunkey on YouTube, playing League of Legends. Lots of profanity, but hilarious. A "gank" is a homemade knife or blade, usually poorly constructed with duct tape and hot glue, or surprisingly well constructed and sturdy. Depending on the maker and purpose of the shiv. Not sure...
  14. IndecisiveOliver

    Weapons & Equip Iaido Katana (Dashing Sword)

    Super cool idea. I like the direction this is going. I've been thinking about doing a "ninja" playthrough, and this is one weapon I'd want to have with me. :)
  15. IndecisiveOliver

    Weapons & Equip Chlorophyte Bullet improvements

    Better bullets? Yes please. :happy: I would drop the 1 point of nerf. It's not a significant enough change in effect to warrant a nerf IMO. But, you know, do what you must.:)
  16. IndecisiveOliver

    Weapons & Equip cabbage stuff

    I had to. :D I'd use these, actually. Love it.
  17. IndecisiveOliver

    Weapons & Equip Can of Lies

    Heh. I like it. I'd love to use this with Clown Suit on. I assume the snakes are heavily affected by gravity?
  18. IndecisiveOliver

    Weapons & Equip New Grenades!

    I really like the Smoke Canister and Nuclear Thingy. I guess the Bloody Water Balloon was inevitable, with all the discussions about lifesteal. :sigh: I'd love to see Terraria affected by nuclear fallout. Maybe during the duration of Radiation Sickness, small grey particles could fall from the...
  19. IndecisiveOliver

    Weapons & Equip Entangling Blade

    Ooooh, this looks fun! :passionate: I especially love the idea of the seed, because it would make planning for Plantera fights so much easier. Plus, it has a lot of potential for crafting recipes. Nice gank there, Alister. :nursewink:
  20. IndecisiveOliver

    Weapons & Equip Pet Crab

    I don't see why not. The crab should be red, though, and maybe have a little suit. :) Although, it might make more sense if this was found in Ocean chests, and it would help prevent over-cluttering of the Mimic loot table. Other than that, I'm Ready, I'm Ready, I'm Ready! :naughty:
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