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  1. shobiwan77

    Texture Pack Modest Mod

    Thanks, I'll look into it.
  2. shobiwan77

    Texture Pack Modest Mod

    I went back and updated some old sprites for the Dryadisque: Old -> New -> -> I'm also gonna move this texture pack to the "Released" section. I've completed pretty much everything I wanted to do for this one. Maybe there's one or two I'll redo again or add, but it's definitely complete...
  3. shobiwan77

    Texture Pack Modest Mod

    You're welcome!
  4. shobiwan77

    Texture Pack Modest Mod

    Added the Ice Queen:
  5. shobiwan77

    Texture Pack Modest Mod

    Whoops, not sure why that happened. Well, it's up now, along with some new additions... Minor change, but these were updated to include changes made to the base sprites in 1.4. On the left are the old ones and on the right are the new. -> -> And below are some new sprites of content from...
  6. shobiwan77

    Texture Pack Modest Mod

    Just updated the zip now to work with 1.4's new texture pack integration.
  7. shobiwan77

    Blocks & Decoration [Sprites]Metal Grate (opposite of the bubble block)

    I've got no idea if the developers got the idea from here, but hey, look, this is now in the game!
  8. shobiwan77

    Texture Pack Modest Mod

    I only just picked Terraria up for the first time in a couple years due to 1.4. As I'm seeing some interest in this from multiple people now, I'll definitely take a look into at least porting what I have to 1.4.
  9. shobiwan77

    Corrupted village

    Huh, that's a creative way to do that. Nice, well done.
  10. shobiwan77

    Weapons & Equip Abduction Ray/Tractor Beam

    This would be incredibly helpful. Especially when mining blocks out from a place that's out of your pickup range.
  11. shobiwan77

    Terraria Tower Defence Fully AutoMated

    I'll have to check it out at some point.
  12. shobiwan77

    Items More Fish bowls

    Agreed, otherwise it would just spam inflate the item count.
  13. shobiwan77

    Sprites The Master Blacksmith

    This is a perfect way to handle this. I think it's a great idea. Nice sprite too, by the way.
  14. shobiwan77

    Biomes & Nature Expert Mode Blizzard Change

    That sounds like a good idea in general, regardless of the main suggestion.
  15. shobiwan77

    Biomes & Nature Statues In Marble Biomes

    That'd be pretty cool. Another cool addition could be that when you get killed by Medusa, instead of dropping a tomb stone you'd drop a statue that would just look like a standard male or female Terraria character.
  16. shobiwan77

    Sprites Jungle Water Fix

    As @Baconfry said, this is a problem with camera mode, but, if I remember correctly, one of the camera settings is choosing what biome color you want the water to be. If so, you'd just have to change it to jungle water. As for that "glitch" with the waterfalls, I believe that camera mode was set...
  17. shobiwan77

    Items Gravity Globe: The worst item claims a buff

    I personally think the final option would be totally fine.
  18. shobiwan77

    Nile's Build Thread

    All of these are very nice.
  19. shobiwan77

    Some of my builds :)

    My favorite is the medieval house on the left.
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