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  1. Bowser

    The post-golem and pillar section of the game

    What would you have changed, then? Zenith being overpowered is very much intentional and kind of obvious. You have to beat moon lord several times to get it so it isn't designed to help you beat bosses you've already defeated (unless you want to bump up the difficulty and go to...
  2. Bowser

    Tell me your luckiest / unluckiest drops in your worlds.

    I have had so much bad luck with drops I don't even know where to begin. Probably garbage with the angler not giving me the accessories I need after like 50 attempts. At least with other stuff I can grind it until it drops and not be locked behind time windows.
  3. Bowser


    I despise mediumcore and I see no reason to ever use it. If you can't get your stuff back and/or don't arbitrarily make loads of extra gear you are going to reach a point where you have nothing and no way to fix that. You're dead and you don't want to accept it, your game is over. I'll never...
  4. Bowser

    What is your Favorite Stage of Terraria?

    Probably pre-bosses. Always fun to first explore the world, even if you are too limited to do anything too much fun with building. If it's a corruption world, then all it takes to get my first decent set of gear though is the demo guy and buy a bunch of grenades. Crimson is a different story...
  5. Bowser

    Should Normal Mode be removed?

    On the other hand, this is an excellent idea and I wholeheartedly support it. I don't expect it to happen though, you know, since Terraria is basically at the end of its life but still. Specifically, I support it because it's a QOL thing for multiplayer. It's annoying to be quibbling over...
  6. Bowser

    Should Normal Mode be removed?

    No offense but this is an incredibly ignorant view and I'm very much against removing content just for the sake of removing it. This is a horrible idea and I'm 100% opposed to it. If you don't like normal mode, don't play it. No one is forcing you to.
  7. Bowser

    Post the worst luck you have every had in Terraria here.

    Once, during an online multiplayer game, back when Moon Lord was just added (IIRC, it's been a while), I had pirates invade 3 times in a row before I could even start exploring hard mode and get some hard mode gear. The second I'd try, YARR!!! and they are back. And of course this was when I...
  8. Bowser

    PC Terraria is too hard

    I wouldn't mind if playing solo balanced the game a bit differently, but in most cases I don't have a problem. I regularly play this game alone since dealing with other people can frustrating. I play normal alone typically, but I never start to struggle until I get to Moon Lord level stuff...
  9. Bowser

    3DS Will the 3DS be getting a form of the 1.3 update?

    While true, Nintendo is notorious about making it excessively difficult to get a hold of their new consoles, and I get the feeling the Switch will not be an exception based off of the news I've heard. In addition, I know next to nothing about the Switch's capabilities. I'm hopeful it will all...
  10. Bowser

    3DS Will the 3DS be getting a form of the 1.3 update?

    Thanks, I just noticed the sticky mentioned Wii U with the Xbox 360 and PS3 as I feared. This is a pity, because I really like being able to have it handheld in some form, and the touch screen was a big appeal. Oh well. I'm more than content with the PC version, though, but this is still sad...
  11. Bowser

    3DS Will the 3DS be getting a form of the 1.3 update?

    Disappointing to hear, but it is still good to know. Rather than make a new topic, if anyone happens to know... is the Wii U getting the same treatment? I recall they were quite vague as to what was going on with it as well. While the Wii U, I assume, would be far more capable of running it...
  12. Bowser

    3DS Will the 3DS be getting a form of the 1.3 update?

    This will pretty much single handedly decide whether or not I purchase Terraria for my 3DS. I have heard conflicting reports and no solid information, is this information available and if so, what is the truth? If anyone knows, I'd deeply appreciate if you'd share. Thanks!
  13. Bowser

    PC Hosting a fresh playthrough of Terraria

    I am going to be hosting a 2-4 day play through from scratch (brand new characters) through the entirety of Terraria later today. (Or sooner, if the response from players is sooner) I have done this many times in the past, and every group I've worked with has always had a great time. A few...
  14. Bowser

    Weapons & Equip Ranger healing (we all want this!)

    I don't know. Seems a little hard to balance. I'd argue that rangers need healing less than any other 'class'. I'm not against the idea of giving them lifesteal, I am just not sure it is necessary nor can I see how it would work effectively.
  15. Bowser

    Weapons & Equip Being able to hide the werewolf/merman forms would be nice.

    A simple suggestion, really. I just think it would be nice that if you did not have the accessory set to visible, that the accessories 'moon charm', 'neptune's shell', and every accessory they combine into would not show the given forms and simply show your normal character instead. Don't get...
  16. Bowser

    Weapons & Equip lava waders + frostspark boots = new cool boots

    Well... far be it from me to say this is a bad idea, but those boots sound amazing... maybe a little TOO amazing. It might be a bit over the top. Still, I'm not against it. Even though I feel like I should be. It would just be too cool. I just don't know, frostspark boots are already...
  17. Bowser

    PC Can't catch fish in the Underground Jungle

    Issue has been resolved. Okay so I have been fishing everywhere and have maximum fishing gear (full armor set, all accessories, golden fishing rod), but when I went to the UG jungle to catch some fish for the summoning potion, I literally can't catch anything. This isn't an isolated problem...
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