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  1. MrFlamingo

    But now Loki wings with red and black dye

    But now Loki wings with red and black dye
  2. MrFlamingo

    It’s solar wings with acid red dye

    It’s solar wings with acid red dye
  3. MrFlamingo

    Those "how did I survive that?" Moments

    When my male chicken jumped of my female chicken for 30 seconds
  4. MrFlamingo

    What is the dumbest thing you have ever heard someone say?

    They said to me Terraria is just a clone of minecraft
  5. MrFlamingo

    One Drop Celestial Pillar Terrarian Yo-Yos

    Nice,now if only we had an armor named ilumainite armor that gives boost to all classes like solar vortex stardust and nebula but a fith set
  6. MrFlamingo

    I lucky vs menacing for rangers?

    With the loadout I am using I get 63 crit with sdmg and 83 when invisible
  7. MrFlamingo

    Your quickest boss kills!

  8. MrFlamingo

    Hot Topic What is your favorite Weapon? shark 2.mega shark 1.sdmg
  9. MrFlamingo

    If you could combine two weapons at once

    Mine would be the sdmg and phantasm
  10. MrFlamingo

    What does your character look like?

    My profile pick
  11. MrFlamingo

    Favourite biome?

    I love the mushroom biome
  12. MrFlamingo

    Weapon that changed your play through the most?

    Omg mine was the freaking mega shark it shredded right through the twins skeleton prime and plantara
  13. MrFlamingo

    How do you organize your hotbar?

    1.Legendary vortex ham axe 2.Light vortex pickaxe 3.Rod of discord 4. Unreal sdmg-I put my main weapon here it switches depending on the class I am using 5.Demonic last prism 6.Godly Terrarian 7.Rutless Stardust dragon staff 8.the Unicorn vainity item 9. Flying piggy bang- I keep my...
  14. MrFlamingo

    I lucky vs menacing for rangers?

    i know lucky is better for melee and mage but what about ranger?(ps I know summoner don’t do crits)and this is my first ever post :)
  15. MrFlamingo

    Lucky vs. Warding one expert mode

    I like glass cannon lol
  16. MrFlamingo

    Lucky or Menacing?

    Then lucky is mathematically proven that it’s better than menacing for melee and mage but summoner na don’t do crits and I’m not sure for ranger my class
  17. MrFlamingo

    What Combat Type (melee, ranged, magic, or ranged) Do you use and Why?

    I am loyal to ranger so I am ranger for life
  18. MrFlamingo

    Game Mechanics Loadout Slots

    Yeah your right
  19. MrFlamingo

    Your Current Loadout?

    When I am doing boss killing and serious things I use gullofdoom’s ultimate load outs but I do all lucky(meanicing if summoner) But for just playing and things this is what I use Armor:stardust/vortex/solar/nebula depending on the weapon I am using Accessories: Ceistital shell Ank shield...
  20. MrFlamingo

    Mobile What is your class loadout?

    The cuffs don’t stack with the Ceistital emblem take it out for an ank shield for something
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