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  1. TheYokaMan

    Xbox One enemies becoming invisible after they are hit

    so me and my friend were in the underworld and there was a demon i hit him and he become invisible and he was attacking when he was invisible , making expert mode even harder.
  2. TheYokaMan

    hi little 7 year old

    hi little 7 year old
  3. TheYokaMan

    PS4 Loads of bugs and crashes (for devs)

    when i am in the xbox version for atleast an hourly character on mini map isa white square on when on map my character is all glitches out . pls help
  4. TheYokaMan

    Mobile Mobile 1.3?

    Add IT
  5. TheYokaMan


    couldn't they just copy the code
  6. TheYokaMan

    Mobile Mobile 1.3?

    this is needed
  7. TheYokaMan

    Mobile Mobile 1.3?

    you don't have to say dynamic parallax
  8. TheYokaMan

    Mobile Mobile 1.3?

    I have waited for this update for iOS and android. Since I have been waited 3 years for the update. I think you should work on it more daily then spend the time for the console and PC updates.
  9. TheYokaMan

    tModLoader The Ultraconyx Mod

    I am on mac though
  10. TheYokaMan

    Resolved how do you download ultraconyx mod?

    so i looked in the mod browser searched "ultraconyx" and nothing showed up. help please
  11. TheYokaMan

    Portfolio/Multi-Topic new weapons new bosses new biomes etc, ADD THESE PLZ

    When you defeat the wall of flesh after please add this biome: The ancient underground: And make the message/announcment with Ancient humans of warriors and arms have fallen back... In that biome you can summon a boos named: The God Of Honor: the spawner is made of 10 Cobalt Bars 8 Mythril Bars...
  12. TheYokaMan

    Xbox One Glitched Terraria...

    overtime evertime i go into a world then out all my characters are glitches in black numbers and letters. pipeworks or andrew redigit fix this please for the console version for xbox 1 terraria
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