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  1. Necro12056

    tModLoader FishingPlus - More fishing equipment

    FishingPlus is a small terraria mod created by Necro12056 (me) that adds a few fishing items and weapons that can be obtained via fishing for the fisher challenge class. It also adds a few other items that are for all classes. [/SPOILER]
  2. Necro12056

    tModLoader Hamstar's mods - Past, present, and future

    Yeah, That would be sweet for adventure maps if you could do that, thanks dude.
  3. Necro12056

    tModLoader Hamstar's mods - Past, present, and future

    I can't wait for some of the upcoming mods to come out! I love your already existing mods, and try to use them in a adventure map. Keep up the great work dude! And could you possibly add in a feature to Losing is Fun where it disables natural life regen?
  4. Necro12056

    tModLoader More chest loot

    Amazing work, use it in all my worlds. Also, by the way, how would you code something that stops all movement and projectiles much as the sundial staff? I've been trying to code it myself, but what I do never seems to work.
  5. Necro12056

    tModLoader Extra Gunslinger Gear

    Oh ok, thanks for the help!
  6. Necro12056

    tModLoader Extra Gunslinger Gear

    Can I get the code for the Meteor Muzzle? Ive been try to code my own accessory that imbues ranged attacks w/ a debuff, but cant figure out how to. Thanks for the help! Great mod btw!
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