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  1. Abyssal

    Standalone [1.3] tModLoader - A Modding API

    Try different Combinations of those 5 Mods and try to find out which one is causing the Bug. Or at least thats what i Do when a Mod for Terraria or MC is not Working. My guess is that one of ImkSushiMods recipes has the same ID as one of Calamity Mods, but if thats the case you can use a Imks...
  2. Abyssal

    Standalone [1.3] tModLoader - A Modding API

    Depends on the Spriter, really. I myself cannot draw in real Life, so i just ask a Friend who sometimes draws for me. But most of the time i use some sort of Preset like a Weapon Sprite that is already in the Game or on my Friends paper. Oops wrong link.
  3. Abyssal

    Standalone [1.3] tModLoader - A Modding API

    What Versions of TModloader and Terraria are you using? If youre using 1.3.4 the Old ones Army will make you crash when bundled up with TModloader + Many Mods. I myself did the Rookie mistake of Updating my Terraria to 1.3.4 without waiting for TModloader to do the same (It is still in Version...
  4. Abyssal

    Im Back from the Dead.

    Im Back from the Dead.
  5. Abyssal

    Pixel Art Zoomo's Art

    Has anyone noticed the sheer Size of those Gif's and Png's? The Turtle is so big, its Animation Loop stutters. (On my Age-old Laptop) Just admire the sheer Size and Work that these Sprites consumed. 10/10, Great Work!
  6. Abyssal

    Tool TExtract - Extract Terraria's images, sound effects and music!

    10/10 for Simply Working. (Compared to all others.) This is a Great Xnb->Png File converter, one which also works on other Platforms like Linux. So Thanks. :happy:
  7. Abyssal

    Pixel Art Spriting thread,maybe? Creative name!

    These are Amazing! Preferring Ranged Weapons and Bows, i have to say i love these Plantera/Jungle Themed Bows! :joy: Keep up the Good Work!
  8. Abyssal

    Pixel Art le art

    Hello Again, Have you managed to Sprite the Melty-Fleshy Worm? I would like to Request a Terraria Granite Golem/Jungle Mimic Mixture, just to see how you handle the Contrast. :joy: ( I also have a Question about Rastriavis Request: Was his Sprite meant to be Terraria locked or Profile Page...
  9. Abyssal

    Pixel Art le art

    Nice Sprites/They're Great! I will soon start my own Sprite Thread/Mod Development :happy:, (No Link yet) and i would like to request Something as soon as you are done with the Current Requests. I am definitely anticipating the Current Requests and future Sprites of Yours. Have Fun...
  10. Abyssal

    I personally support life drain. That weapon needs some Love and i like using it in the Solar...

    I personally support life drain. That weapon needs some Love and i like using it in the Solar Eclipse Event due to the Horde Killing Abilities :)
  11. Abyssal

    Pixel Art PrimeArts Pixel ART

    I really like the Idea of more Capes since everyone has them equipped. But try to make Capes with new Shapes, because you could just Dye a Crimson Cloak to look like your awesome Rainbow Cape. Sawmill Variants = Would Support! (Fus ro Dah)
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