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  1. Theventureguy247

    for some reason at random if I died or exited the game my game would crash and reset my progress, happened like 4 times today (6 times now)

    It is getting to the point where the game is becoming unplayable. I tried several things: verifying game files reinstalling terraria made sure that the folder the game is in is not set to read only made sure that my anti virus isnt blocking terraria in any way yes, i've even tried turning my pc...
  2. Theventureguy247

    Game constantly crashing either randomly or on Save and Exit.

    Definitely not just a windows 11 problem. I play on windows 10 and the same thing is happening to me consistantly
  3. Theventureguy247

    Rounding Out the Journey: Terraria 1.4.1 is Here!

    Man, I really feel like this was an incredible ending to Terarria's Journey. Thank you Re-Logic for everything!<3;(
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