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  1. CookieBiscuit

    nom cookies

    nom cookies
  2. CookieBiscuit


  3. CookieBiscuit

    tModLoader The sequence does not contain any matching elements

    Perhaps you have misspelled your texture file's name. It looks for the directory stated in namespace and then the class. Here is an example: namespace ExampleMod.Items { public class WaterBottle : ModItem { public override void SetDefaults() { } } } Here it...
  4. CookieBiscuit

    tModLoader BiscuitsMod

    Hi! I am CookieBiscuit, and as you can probably tell, I like cookies :D I decided to give spriting a try, and soon I wanted to make a mod! (CookieMod was taken so I had to name it BiscuitsMod xD) Content: This mod adds several cookie and sugar themed items. [/SPOILER] : Milk Bottle...
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