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  1. MagicManMarley

    Weapons & Equip Limited movement for sentries

    what if SOME sentries could move in like a 25x25 tile area around where it was summoned, but acts independently and just looks for enemies. Obviously the ballista couldn't move, it's a turret, but the frost hydra, spider queen, etc would make sense for them to be at least a little bit mobile...
  2. MagicManMarley

    Blocks & Decoration Cartography table/map

    I would love to see a cartography table that allows players to copy and share their maps, perhaps it could be hung up on the wall with one players map data so others can interact with it to gain it.
  3. MagicManMarley

    Blocks & Decoration ash wood shouldn't burn in lava

    I find this quite strange, as its literally hell wood, it'd be interesting if ash wood was unique so that it didn't burn, and the platforms didn't break from lava slimes, making it a good choice for a bridge. It would make sense for a wood found in hell to be a good material for the WoF bridge...
  4. MagicManMarley

    Game Mechanics Island/oceanic seed

    assuming it hasn't been already done as one of the secret seeds, I'd love to see a seed that begins you on an island in the center of the world, with vast bodies of water capable of spawning ANY water enemies all over, such as piranhas even without jungle, and sharks as the outer oceans are...
  5. MagicManMarley

    Blocks & Decoration Drone courses

    I've tried to make a drone racing course on a world with my friends, but I really feel like we could use a block that breaks drones upon collision, requiring a restart instead of needing to use hoik platforms on a wall and making them backtrack like I had been doing, and I would also love to see...
  6. MagicManMarley

    Weapons & Equip Ore & Gem staffs

    Looking at magic weapons compared to the other classes, the prehardmode weapons are frankly just...boring...I would love to see even a small rework of some of the gem staves, making the projectiles explode, the higher tier staves having bigger explosions, but the lower tier ones better...
  7. MagicManMarley

    Weapons & Equip Lightsaber PVP

    I loved the look of the lightsaber combat change, but it really made me think, what if they could be modified to be good in-depth pvp weapons? as it stands pvp is very simple, and being able to just be pushed into a corner by a strong melee weapon can be frustrating, but what if you could parry...
  8. MagicManMarley

    tModLoader Secrets of the Shadows Terraria Mod

    Cool mod, I love the structures, but the earthen construct enemies make it unplayable, it's a pre-boss, 3 phase, high damage, worm-type enemy with projectile spam and AOE attacks, I've had multiple of them appear at once while I was still looking for cloud in a bottle.
  9. MagicManMarley

    tModLoader The Thorium Mod

    I'd like to ask, PLEASE give an option to disable the timing based weapons for bard, they're incredibly annoying to use in my opinion, and if not that at least an option to disable the sounds, or the timer in general.
  10. MagicManMarley

    tModLoader Kalciphoz's RPG Mod

    eh theres a bug that makes the shops for my npcs not appear, i can sell but not buy
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