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    Items Sky and underworld pylon

    I want to go to sky to fish easily. And there is the ocean pylon, why not add the underworld pylon? They both have conch and are biomes based on location instead of blocks.
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    Items Sky and underworld pylon

    Then shell phone becomes useless.
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    Biomes & Nature Random biome idea (no longer as much of a fan of this suggestion)

    I also want hallowed version. By the way, why snow block can't be spread?
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    PC I wish we had a release date for 1.4.5

    December but in 2077
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    Items Buff stations

    Add ladybug/ golden ladybug in a bottle, which provide +0.2/0.4 luck. Add honey fountain, which provide honey buff when touching. Add a station sold by dryad (maybe sold in hardmode for balance), which can provide dryad's blessing. Ammo box is a little useless. Please change its feature. Make...
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    Items Boots and cloud in bottles can auto jump

    This can make them more convenient.
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    I don't like the summoning class

    Summoning has many problems. It has the least defenses. This is for focus on avoid being hit. But whip make summoning need to keep close with enemies. Sentry hardly gets more capacity so almost nobody uses sentry. And it has the least weapons especially in pre-hardmode. Sometimes I don't know...
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    Weapons & Equip Additional Crafting Recipes

    Actually, I also want the combiation of accessories. But I think they won't make this. If you want to know what I want, I can post on game suggestion.
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    Weapons & Equip Additional Crafting Recipes

    Combining weapon just needs to be strong. But combining accessory needs to combine their feature (at least partial feature).
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    Weapons & Equip Additional Crafting Recipes

    It's just called terraspark boots. And there are not many ways to update it. I think useful ways are just amphibian boot, balloon and wing. But except the first one they are not boots and too strong.
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    Weapons & Equip Summoner has to little things

    I think stardust dragon is too strong but moonlord doesn't drop minion weapon. I think it's better to move dragon to moonlord drop.
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    Weapons & Equip Additional Crafting Recipes

    All classes except melee don't have supreme combine weapon and accessory. I want to add more than you suggest. But I try to avoid this by playing calamity.
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    Secret World Seed Delete insignificant feature of seeds

    Because seeds can be chosen in 1.4.5, so please keep the main feature of seeds and delete zenith seed because it can be the combine of other seeds. For example, I use drunk world just for two evil biomes and ores and for the worthy for legendary mode and harder bosses. Please move other features...
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    Weapons & Equip Add a normal way to attack for magic missile and rainbow rod

    They can shoot a non-controllable projectile with left click and controllable projectile with right click. Not everyone wants to click and release frequently.
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    Game Mechanics Add shop expander mod to vanilla

    It's useful for mod players because sometimes there's not enough place for npc shop. And it's useful for vanilla. Painter has two shops because of that. And tavernkeep doesn't have enough space for pylon after golem.
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