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    tModLoader Infinity

    What are your thoughts on adding Endless Diversified Pouch/Quiver like items, as can be seen in Zoaklen's Mod? (Also the mod is being discontinued)
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    tModLoader Endless Pouches Plus

    I agree with him. Also, since Zoaklen's Mod is being discontinued you add his Endless Diversified Pouch/Quiver and maybe expand on them by having different tiers of Diversified items adding more arrows and raising the cost as you go.
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    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    Seeing as Calamity art is spread around on the internet, I've decided to make a Deviantart group to hopefully collect as much art from the community to share with everyone. If you happen to find/make some please add it to the Terraira-Calamity Deviantart group...
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    tModLoader Fargo's Mods

    Question. Will there be a soul accessory of Thorium's Bard class like there is of the Healer class?
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    tModLoader Calamity Mod

    I think we need more challenge bosses like Supreme Calamitas in the future. It would be very challenging and rewarding to fight The Supreme Devourer of Gods where he can keep pace with even the fastest players with endgame gear, on top of a load of debuffs to slow down the player.
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    tModLoader Loot Bags Mod

    Looks good, but can you make a verison of this mod where the bags only drop from bosses for more hardcore players, and maybe increase the drop rate?
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    tModLoader Legend of Terraria 3

    Anyone else have a problem with simes spawning in the underworld? Most of the monsters I face down there appear to be slimes for me.
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    tModLoader Shroom MOD

    I like this mod but the spawn rate needs to be a lot lower, maybe the npcs should only spawn in mushroom biomes and maybe in forests.
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    tModLoader The Schwifty Mod

    Good, because when I first loaded the mod it was craftable with wood.
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    tModLoader The Schwifty Mod

    I think Terra Ore should spawn in the overworld after Plantra is killed
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    tModLoader The JoostMod

    Sorry I was sleepy when i posted that, what I meant to say is that they are too easy to craft and should probably be near end game gear.
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    tModLoader Longbows Mod - Testers and Spriter(s) welcome.

    The mod isn't half bad, though the new arrows don't work.
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    tModLoader The JoostMod

    The ammo and ninja tokens are never easy to craft and are OP. Can you make the crafting recipe harder or severely reduce their effects?
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    tModLoader Ivysaur's level system - With classes

    Can you make it so you can only choose one class?
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    tModLoader [tModLoader] AeONS of Terraria (base)

    I like this mod, but it seems some items are very easy to get like the broken hero sword. Can add to some of the item recipes to make getting certain items harder to get?
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    tModLoader Gun Pulse

    Maybe one of each soul or add a Chlorophyte bar to the recipe, it depends what the bars are going to be used to craft.
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    tModLoader Gun Pulse

    I see potential in this mod, but first it needs some balancing. The wooden and copper guns need to shot a bit slower and do less damage, especially the wooden gun. The sniper rifle should shot as about as slow as the vanilla one and maybe should be harder to craft, maybe add the sniper scope to...
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    tModLoader Energy Mod

    The Tree enemies spawn rate seems a bit high, and maybe they should only spawn in forests.
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    tModLoader Epicness mod Remastered

    The Blooyslimes and RedGoblins seem to spawn everwhere and the spawn rate on the RedGoblins is a bit high. Can you lower their spawn rate and have them only spawn maybe in forests and underground?
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    tModLoader Tim For WaffleT

    The items are too over powered or the drop chance needs to be drastically altered.
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