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  1. Pumpkin_Head

    Sprites The River (Alternate Underworld)

    Wow this is awesome. There should be some kind of creature, mini-boss, or perhaps achievement called "Aether Bunny" to go along with your Aether theme =)
  2. Pumpkin_Head

    Game Mechanics Could we get some more difficult achievements?

    I love this idea! It would keep the game interesting and gives more reasons to keep playing. I played through and got almost all the achievements on my first play through. It would give the player more to do than just trying to complete the game. I really like the Dungeon Guardian one haha...
  3. Pumpkin_Head

    NPCs & Enemies New NPC - The Garbage Man

    One of the names should be Sid, referencing Toy Story 3, when we see that Sid has become a garbage man. Also, since there is some concern about having to make another NPC house, alternatively he could appear once a day between certain hours, similar to the way the Traveling Merchant appears...
  4. Pumpkin_Head

    Items Biome Locator

    To be honest, I still sometimes reflexively look over to the right where all the other information is, to see what the biome I'm in is called. It would be nice to actually see what I'm looking for lol. Maybe it should come from the Underworld? Just so it's not too easy to get.
  5. Pumpkin_Head

    Count to the highest number before a staff member posts

    113 I wonder if the staff are bored with this game lol
  6. Pumpkin_Head


    What do you think of having a potion (or some other game mechanic) that allows you to do an additional fishing quest, even if you've already done one that day?
  7. Pumpkin_Head

    Sprites The Weather Potions

    I like this idea, as long as it applies to the whole world. E.g. if you use a blizzard potion, it applies to the whole world, even if you're in the desert/forest/etc. Now, mobs that normally only spawn in snow biomes will spawn wherever you are. It might be cool to have a "Lava Potion" or...
  8. Pumpkin_Head

    1.3.6 Preview: Block Swap

    It kinda looks like we now have the ability to angle background walls (i.e. the frames around the windows). Unless of course those are just actuated blocks. It would be nice to be able to do that though.
  9. Pumpkin_Head

    How to pronounce Wyvern

    I always used to pronounce it wih-vern, until I recently heard someone say it why-vern, so I looked it up and it appears that it is actually why-vern, which makes me a bit sad because I liked it wih-vern :pumpking:
  10. Pumpkin_Head

    Ooo! A lampshade!

    Ooo! A lampshade!
  11. Pumpkin_Head

    NPCs & Enemies Archaeologist NPC.

    Interesting... Well, since we have to kill the Guide to enter hardmode, what if the new "guide" becomes the "Archeologist"?
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