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    Worst Accessory In Terraria

    What if you've already used your double jump? The lucky horseshoe is very useful because in boss fights you often reach heights where fall damage gives you substantial damage. Obsidian skull is incredibly useful in the Zenith seed, as it's a pain to remove the hundreds of crisp honey blocks in...
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    What is the worst terraria update?

    It doesn't immediately read like one, and even after being told it is a joke, it doesn't really read like one. Terraria's difficulty can be accustomed how you see fit, but there is a limit as no matter what, the bosses always have the same boring and predictable patterns. Maybe you could do more...
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    What is the worst terraria update?

    Kids are not brainless idiots who only want ridiculously easy games, and from my experience they like overachieving and challenges. Kids want to feel like they're good at something, and they like to one-up their friends, and the easiest way to do that is by pursuing challenges. In fact, I bet...
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    What is the worst terraria update?

    This is the same as 1.0.6. There's no set order of bosses in 1.0.6 either. You could argue that EoC is the easiest bost, and Skeletron is the hardest, but you could also argue that the twins are the easiest and skeletron prime is the hardest. 1.2 (not 1.2.1 through 1.2.4) and 1.3+ are the only...
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    What is the worst terraria update?

    1.3, moon lord + pillars absolutely ruined the endgame, making it incredibly centralized (just pillars, moon lord, and martians), compared to which was incredibly diverse: pumpkin moon, frost moon, hardmode dungeon, plantera, golem, fishron, even the traveling merchant (pulse bow), etc...
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    I find corruption spawning after being the WOF so stupid

    The underground corruption is (effectively) required for game progress.
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    Am I the only one who likes the pillars?

    The pillars are not a "challenge", they're just tedious, unless you're playing mediumcore or hardcore.
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    A short guide on how to beat the game as a summoner (Master)

    Do minecart’s work with Fishron? I’d think so but I think you’d need a different setup than the diamond due to the tornadoes.
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    1.4.4 Summoner Minion, Whip & Armor In-Depth Tier List

    Is summoner a viable class with no summoning based accessories? I’m considering switching to summoner for plantera to try out these new-fangled whips, but I don’t want to give up any accessories. Also I’ll be using the blade staff (cba farming for sanguine) with hallowed armor. Difficulty is MMFTW.
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    A Comprehensive Fishing Guide/Calculator

    That only applies for physical measurements, where data isn't exact. The data going into the calculators is exact, and thus is infinitely precise.
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    A Comprehensive Fishing Guide/Calculator

    I don’t think they are spurious though, they should be ultra-precise. “Spurious digits” only exist when doing physical experiments, not with just pure calculations.
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    PC Doubts about the purpose of post-ML weapons

    This doesn’t have to be the case if there is no final boss, like in In the endgame rewards were meaningful as they allowed you to get farther into the moons.
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    Other Rename Expert to Standard, Master to Expert, create a new Master Mode

    I recently played a playthrough for nostalgia sake, and I can say without a doubt that it is harder than Expert Mode. 1.2.3- is probably even harder because there's no fishing, but I haven't tested it. Regardless, due to general powercreep, 1.4 expert mode is much easier than...
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    NPCs & Enemies Corrupted/Crimsoned plantera

    When the corruption or crimson converts jungle grass which has a plantera bulb on it, the plantera bulb should become corrupted/crimsoned. When broken, it would spawn a corrupted/crimsoned version of plantera, which would be harder and have special drops, kind of like daytime EoL.
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    Weapons & Equip True/Celestial Arkhalis (dedicated melee)

    It doesn't make sense in my opinion to have "True" items for anything except those that contribute to the Terrablade. If you do this for an Arkhalis you're going to have to do this for a bunch of items (true musket, anyone?) which would bloat the game up a lot.
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    Weapons & Equip Tin short sword to make zenith

    A tin short sword isn't iconic like a copper short sword, as you don't start with it. Even if you throw away your copper short sword, you can always make a new one by fishing and by other means.
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    Weapons & Equip Class choice at character creation

    And in response to the guy who said that making characters start with a Zenith was OP, he said that you could just throw the Zenith away.
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    Weapons & Equip Class choice at character creation

    This is not a good idea. Part of the joy in doing a mage/summoner class playthrough is the process of getting your first weapon. Getting rid of that ruins the most fun part of those types of playthroughs.
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    Weapons & Equip Ascension devices for rope

    This would make ropes in arenas OP. Although you can already make an op arena using minecarts as Yreorel/Vikilium has done, so I don't think it changes much. But regardless I don't think it's necessary. Rope's become obsolete fairly early on.
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    Weapons & Equip Buff the Original HM Ore Armor Sets

    There's no point getting Titanium and Adamantite below Master mode as Palladium is really good, and can easily beat the mechs. In fact I'm pretty sure I used palladium on my Master Mode playthrough, but I'm not entirely sure. Grinding for Titanium and Adamantite takes way too long anyways, and...
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