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    PC Tyrux's Celestial Emporium

    That is okay with me. So 50 chlorophyte for 20 Luminite and the Tentacle?
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    PC Tyrux's Celestial Emporium

    Steam Name: Ultra5 (The one from the United States) Character Name: Lily Items you want: x1 Suspicious Looking Tentacle, and possibly some Luminite Bars Payment: I have on hand 50 bars of Chlorophyte
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    *Shy hello wave*

    Hello. I am Ultra5. I've never been too good with intros, but let's see if I can improve on that. I've had Terraria for...I am not entirely sure how long, but I have clocked in a total of 214 hours as of this post. I have a few Expert worlds and I have defeated all the bosses save the Moon Lord...
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