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    tModLoader Cheat Sheet

    I can confirm that. It seems like the schematics database is too full. It tries to load every single submission at once and that hits the RAM limit and the game crashes. Maybe the database should be loaded as pages with 10-20 submissions on each instead of all of them at once. Right now this...
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    [] TerrariaPatcher (plugins and more!)

    Can confirm, when you open the magic storage and try to move the mouse into the UI, the game instantly crashes, both SP/MP are affected. This is what the error message looked like: I'm using functional social slots, permanent bewitched buff and the following plugins: ChestSearch...
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    tModLoader Better Buffs

    Would it be possible to implement a feature that raises the maximum buffs cap? Playing as a fully buffed summoner can be a pain when you get a debuff and the game decides to erase all of your minions because of the cap.
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