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  1. Zê

    A Road Well Traveled - Terraria: Journey's End Launches on Xbox & PlayStation!

    I can not figure out how to research on ps4! Ive remapped buttons, etc, can someone explain steps like i am 5 please?
  2. Zê

    **REPORTED** [PS4] Screen scaling and mouse and keyboard bug

    I also have screensize issues. I can not see my whole screen even if i put my safe zone to the smallest setting. I can mostly see my hotbar but not my mana bar. I have a 50+ inch tv but a 3 y/o model— i do not want to buy a new tv, 😅 And i went to the settings in the game and do not have that...
  3. Zê

    Switch Raining bug

    Just started raining. Picture is dark bc its at night hope you can see. And further playing reveals that the rain drops stay an approximately 3 block space above the player everywhere you go.
  4. Zê

    Switch Raining bug

    Hello, Im not sure if this has already been posted, if so my apologies for a 2nd thread. I noticed yesterday that the rain drops stopped at 243’ Surface even though i had mined the dirt blocks lower than that at my base. It no longer hit the “ground” and had a gap between the rain and the blocks...
  5. Zê

    Question about minimum requirements

    Hello! Im hoping someone can help me with this. I have had Terraria for steam(pc) for years and just finally have a laptop that could play it. (Or so i thought). Im running a dell inspirion 15 Amd A6-6310 APU with AMD Radeon R4 graphics 1.89 Ghz with 8 GB ram with Windows 10. All my drivers...
  6. Zê

    Mobile Terraria Mobile 1.3 Release Date Revealed!

    Will you be able to use a controller now with this update?
  7. Zê

    Happy Birthday to Terraria's Lead Developer & Resident Wizard: Yorai!

    Happy Birthday! Thank you so much for all your amazing work!!
  8. Zê


    Maybe like your corporation tower, secret passageways, alchemy labs, etc. Incorporate previous posters idea as well. Have it organically form and twist into the tower,
  9. Zê

    Terraria 1.3: Xbox One Submission Approved! Launches Monday, February 5th!

    Is there any word on when they're going to address the inventory transparency issues and other quality of play issues?
  10. Zê

    Resolved [Mobile] Black screen stuck on thorn chakra

    That's terrible. This thread shows resolved so you may want to start another one? And also you may want to submit a bug report to the developers.
  11. Zê

    Resolved [Mobile] Black screen stuck on thorn chakra

    Losing the saves isn't the greatest, but not being able to play is worse I think.
  12. Zê

    Resolved [Mobile] Black screen stuck on thorn chakra

    I'm not sure, my issue didn't have text only the black acreen. I deleted the application and downloaded again. So far it's been working fine. <knock on wood>
  13. Zê

    Resolved [Mobile] Black screen stuck on thorn chakra

    Sounds plausible, Im backing up a lot more frequently now however
  14. Zê

    Resolved [Mobile] Black screen stuck on thorn chakra

    I have an app that helps save space and check for junk files and that sort of thing, a file came up and i accepted the delete. The next time I opened Terraria, it was frozen on that screen. Did you happen to clean up any files before yours went down?
  15. Zê

    CC Creation Compendium #57

    Absolutelythe best one yet! Great job everyone! That fish tank was brilliant.
  16. Zê

    Resolved [Mobile] Black screen stuck on thorn chakra

    It sucks to have to restart but the reinstall does fix the issue just saving to cloud more often now
  17. Zê

    Xbox One Submitted Friday - PS4 Fixes Out 1.23.18!!!

    Hopefully when it releases it'll be more stable. From what I'm reading, players are losing quite a lot of items and world crashes are rampant. Although i am eagerly awaiting the update, it comes with some apprehension. In no way am I putting down all the hard work and diligence that...
  18. Zê

    Resolved [Mobile] Black screen stuck on thorn chakra

    I have some cloud saves but they are a little older. Not a big deal, i was hoping to not lose the local saves. Thanks! Also, could you close this thread. I believe it's resolved as far as we can. Thank you!
  19. Zê

    Resolved [Mobile] Black screen stuck on thorn chakra

    Im am on android. I try to open Terraria and its on a black screen with a thorn chakra spinning. Has anyone come across this? Is there a fix? @Unit One, have you heard of this? Thank you for any help.
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